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Terrier, Mixed
Coat length:
Meet Zoe a 1-year old terrier mix around 19 lbs! She’s an independent and sweet little girl with lots of personality!  She is never aggressive, rarely barks, well behaved, and is generally real chill. Before coming to me she was living semi free range in a very rural area. Her favorite thing is just being outside. She likes it even better when I’m outside with her. I live in a neighborhood with a lot of activity that usually incites a lot of barking from my dogs. Not her! She is the first dog I’ve had that I can leave outside because I don’t have be on the ready to stop a barking fit. She just hangs out out there, watches what’s going on, and sniffs the air. She also likes to curl up under a bush or in the ferns. When she’s inside she spends a lot of time alone on or under my bed. My dogs are allowed on the sofa and she came up to sit with me a few times when I first got her, but hasn’t since. She doesn’t want cuddles as much as she wants to play. So, physical play is how I mostly interact with her. It’s not all the time, and she’s not pushy with it. She’ll just approach me with a ‘let’s play’ stance, and if I can’t she accepts it and moves on. She’s smart, and so much fun to play with because she’s a little character.  Someone along the way taught her to be gentle with her mouth because she never gets rough with her teeth. I do think it’s possible she’s been hit before. She Will Not walk past me to come into the house. I have to leave the door open and walk away. She doesn’t like to walk past me to go outside either, but I want her to get used to me being at the door so I stand there regardless. She wants out enough that she ‘risks’ it, and moves quickly past me as if I might hit her. She is also a little skittish if approached too fast. She LOVES other dogs and wants more attention from my terrier than he’s willing to give, but again, she doesn’t push it. She is not food motivated. This is a big plus for me as my terrier is literally obsessed with food and VERY naughty in his mission to get a hold of anything edible. She also seems to have no interest in toys even though she likes to chew a bit. (Nothing unmanageable.) She’s good on walks, but doesn’t like the leash so much. I have a crate available for her, but she hasn’t gone in it once. I don’t crate her because she seems to have a fear of being trapped in the house for too long. I feel a crate might be too much for her. Since she doesn’t have accidents or make messes I let her roam when I’m not home. I have not seen her with kids or a cat, but I fully believe she will be fine with both.

I think Zoe is absolutely lovely! Really special. Any family that opens their heart and home to her will feel fortunate to have her. 


Adoption fee includes: Full veterinary exam, alter, prepaid microchip, dewormed, Rabies vaccine, DAPP vaccine, Bordetella vaccine, 4DX

, flea/tick and heartworm preventative while in rescue. Adoption fee: $525.00


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