Gracie Easy Going Sweet Heart   

In shelter Dog

Norwalk, Connecticut, 06853
Terrier, Mixed
Blue, Silver, Salt & Pepper
Lost or found date:
Pet name:
Gracie Easy Going Sweet Heart
Coat length:
·       Gracie, a female terrier type mix, blue with white, is about 4 years old and weighed 50 pounds when she arrived April 29 as a stray.     Our shelter’s dog volunteers find Gracie easy to handle: “Yesterday was the first time I walked her,” said one. “She was easy to collar and walked past all the other dogs, paying them no mind, and appears to be housebroken. She has a unique look – reminds me of a beagle. Apparently, there is a name for that – ‘beabull’. She seems calm and sweet, but I spooked her by making a weird noise trying to get pictures and after that first noise she just looked at me like I was insane.” “Gracie seems to go with the flow,” said another experienced volunteer. “We had her out in the play yards during the daily live broadcast the very first day she came in and she seemed to handle all of the activity with other dogs and people very well. She is a good-looking dog, so much so that someone driving by actually stopped when he saw her in the yard because he thought she was so pretty. Most of the dogs we have can be handled by experienced volunteers only, but Gracie is easy to handle so many less experienced volunteers have handled her with no issues.”   Gracie was observed by shelter staff on May 6. She was clean in her kennel, friendly when approached, easy to obtain and diffucult to walk because she pulled hard. She reacted favorably (tail wagging, calm demeamor, interested) when she was walked through the kennel past other dogs and when other dogs were walked past her kennel. Face  to face with another leashed dog, she play bowed and got excited. She reacted favorably, tail wagging and sniffing, when introduced to a cat. She showed no reaction when her feet and mouth were examined and  leaned in and enjoyed being touched. While seeing how she did being looked in the face, staff noted that she was very excitable but would maintain eye contact if they had a treat in hand. When her food bowl was approached, she gulped the food but allowed the bowl to be removed. She showed no interest in toys. Staff suggested dog socialization.   Gracie was found tied to a pole, in heat, with food bowls and some food next to her. We can only imagine the circumstances that led to her being abandoned like that. During her time at the shelter, she has been friendly and outgoing and appears to like people and other dogs, so her previous life may have been good


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