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REQUIRES ANOTHER DOG IN THE HOME NAME:  CHARLOTTE CHARLES AGE/GENDER:  Young Adult (born 6/2020), Female BREED:  Mexican Street Dog TEMPERAMENT: Playful and mischievous, shy WEIGHT: approx 18lbs ADOPTION DONATION: $550 HOUSE TRAINING:  is doing well with housetraining. She goes out when we take her and hasn't had accidents in her crate. CRATE TRAINING: Great, she goes in willingly and is very quiet. OTHER DOGS:  Great- she loves other dogs and loves to play. She makes friends faster with dogs than people. CATS: Good! She has not bee interested in chasing and doesn't really seem to notice them. CHILDREN: Dog-respectful children, 12 and older , simply due to her initial shyness. She will need kids old enough to be patient and let her come to them. HEALTH: CHARLOTTE CHARLES is healthy! Charlotte has been altered, microchipped, flea treated, and dewormed. She's had all her vaccination boosters which are good until next year. Your adoption donation goes toward offsetting the cost of her vet and general care costs.  HISTORY: Charlotte was raised in a shelter in Mexico where she did not have much interaction with people. They asked Motley Zoo to help place her in a permanent home. NOTES FROM FOSTER HOME:  Charlotte is a young adult but still full of puppy playfulness. She is moderately active and enjoys running around with other dogs at MZ's Rock Star Treatment daycare. She enjoys play bows and rolling on her back and waving her paws around to the other pups. She makes fast friends with all dogs, but she takes a little longer to warm up to people- however is not reactive or snappish, just fearful and shy. Once she opens up, Charlotte gravitates toward women- and in truth, she is really struggling to adjust to men, even her foster dad who is skilled and experienced in this area. She really has trouble trusting them and will try to run away and avoid at all costs. In her past foster home the dad was able to slowly gain her trust by laying down with her, but the minute he got up, the slate was erased and she started over with her comfort level. Her fosters have a leash on her at all times for this reason and the foster dad does most of the caretaking to try to help her adjust, but she is still resistant to him. He can step on her leash and reach out and pick her up and sit with her as she simply freezes, but Charlotte never really relaxes as she does with her foster mom- who in contrast she runs up to, jumps up and licks her hands when she sees her. As a result, while she could live in a home with men, her family and she will likely be happiest if she ends up with mostly women (which is not terribly often we say that). Charlotte is truly an adorable little Bambi looking pup who has a lot to give, but she requires a patient home that understands where she came from. While she does need to be challenged in order to learn and grow this must be done with time and care, and no one should force themselves upon her. This is why we request kids over the age of 12 that can actually recognize her fear and will not continue to pursue her when she is trying to get away, lest they push her into reacting. She has done nothing of the sort so far and we'd not want her to feel like she has to fight- when flight is by far her preference. She is an easy dog to love but she does still need some obedience training. We have focused mostly on getting her to be comfortable with us and have not yet started into former training though she is smart and willing to please, so she should be somewhat easy to train. The tricky part is offering her proper feedback for when she isn't responding appropriately, but not scaring her at the same time. Her foster uses an Eht Eht noise which she gets recognizes as "don't do that"- but she still needs to pair this with typical commands and leash use so she understands what she needs to do to become a well trained girl. In all, Charlotte would make a great dog for a lot of people- but probably those with experience with shy dogs, and those that really want to do formal training and delve into dog behavior would be best. She's not a difficult dog but she needs guidance, socialization and training- as she needs to learn new things and adjust to life with a family. Patience will work best for her, but also someone committed to helping her move forward rather than live in the past. She needs love but she needs structure too.   All dogs adopted from Motley Zoo come with a leash and either a Martingale collar or a harness, depending on each dog's particular needs.   Motley Zoo Animal Rescue is a volunteer run, foster based, 501(c)(3) non-profit animal rescue organization based in Redmond, WA. Motley Zoo does not have a traditional shelter location, but instead, utilizes private foster homes which care for the animals individually, in a home environment, until a "furever" home is found. Motley Zoo also runs Rock Star Treatment Services in Redmond, WA which is a day-use facility and does not hold kennels of adoptable animals. The dogs there are owned animals who come to the facility while their families are at work and school so they can play and socialize in a safe environment- which helps us support our rescue animals and the $15,000/ month vet bills we incur.  Please email and request an adoption application so we can get you started on the journey to finding a new, furry friend! Once you have been approved to adopt, then we can set up a meeting with the animal you have been matched with.   For more information, please visit   Thank you for considering adopting a dog in need!   Woof,   The Motley Zoo Crew


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