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West Highland White Terrier Westie
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Phoebe - Medical Hold
Medical costs to date: $503.89 Phoebe was originally adopted to a loving home in 2009.  Recently, her human mom passed away unexpectedly.  Thankfully, animal control did some research and contacted us to once again care for this little girl.  Phoebe is approximately 11yo and is in need of donations to help cover her medical expenses, so she can once again be a healthy little Westie girl. Donations may be made via PayPal to email address:   12-4-20: Phoebe only had to spend one night in doggie jail before we rushed to get her out.  She is now at our Vet Hospital having tests and to begin treatment for Cushing's Disease.  Phoebe has 75% hair loss due to Cushing's Disease. 12-5-20: Phoebe is now in her foster home, receiving medications for Cushing's Disease, as well as dietary supplements to help with her hair loss.   All dogs adopted by Scottie Kingdom Rescue, Inc. have had a full medical exam by one of our licensed Veterinarians, which includes testing (and treatment, if necessary) for Heartworm disease, Lyme disease, Ehrlichia and Anaplasmosis, all necessary vaccinations, spay/neuter surgery, dental cleaning as necessary, microchipping, registration of the microchip, and any other medical needs each particular dog may need. Copies of all available medical records are transferred to you when the adoption is finalized. We prefer to adopt to families with past Scottie, Westie, Terrier experience, but realize this isn’t always possible.   We do NOT ship our pets. If you have that special place in your heart, and in your home, for a Scottie (or any of our other available rescue dogs), please visit us in Dallas for an in person meet & greet session with our available dogs.   If you have existing dogs, they should travel to Dallas with you, so we can be assured that they will be compatible with the new addition to your family. Please contact us at   to receive an Adoption Application or for more information on our Adoption process.  Also, please take the time to visit our website for additional information. We sometimes receive several applications on the same dog. Our goal is to place the dog in the best home possible, based on his/her needs, personality and past history. Please note:  Adoptions are not done on a first come, first served basis.  Submitting an application does not guarantee the adoption of any dog.   We are looking for the best available home for each of our rescue dogs. Thank you for your understanding, and for considering adoption! We are not supported by your tax dollars or public grants, rather, we rely on donations to help us continue our rescue work for animals that are in need. Donations may be made via PayPal to email address: or via USPS, to PO Box 551265 ~ Dallas, TX   75355


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