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Seattle, King County, Washington, Uni...
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American Pit Bull Terrier, Labrador Retriever
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Animal Profile: Maverick is a 2-3 year old mixed breed (2/3 Pit, with some GSD and Lab!) whose owners are unfortunately moving overseas and can't bring him along. Maverick has extensive obedience training (check his video!) and is a loyal and loving companion. He does well with other dogs in structured off leash environments (like doggy daycare) or once properly introduced. Maverick is family oriented and does well with his inner circle; he meets strangers well outside the home but requires slower introductions in his home. He would do best in an adult only household willing to provide him with structure and leadership. His most favorite thing in the world is to "work" for you and if he's on a task, he is at his best. If you can provide him with a "job" he will be so pleased and eager to please. If you think you need Maverick in your life, please start with the adoption application or email

Current Owner Report: " 
 is an incredibly smart, loyal dog who loves to do his job. When he’s not busy impressing you with all the tricks he’s learned, he’s putting on his sweetheart face and cuddling on the couch with his people.  
 has a passion for doing his job, whatever that may be. When he comes in from the yard, he’s waiting for you to tell him where to go and what to do, whether that’s go to his kennel or chill out in his bed. He has passion for training sessions and loves learning and doing all sorts of tricks to please his owners and get the occasional treat. His loves to play tug-of-war and makes a great running partner for 4-5 mile runs (if his owner would go further, no doubt he would too) but will always settle for a fun walk around the block.  
 can be a challenging dog at times. Once extremely dog reactive, he’s now much better at handling his reactivity around other dogs, but he still has some work to do. He’s also protective of his people and his house:  
 loves barking at the mailman or other people walking up to the door. He can also get overwhelmed by people at times, but after a slow greeting he does just fine with guests. You won’t meet a dog that loves you more than  
. He has a big heart and loves his people with everything he has. While he does have a few behavior challenges,  
 is an awesome dog that will try his hardest to do anything you ask him."  

Trainer Assessment: " 

 is high energy with impressive jumping skills. (I've seen him jump up and put his feet on the top portion of a door because he was happy to Break!) He's incredibly obedient, intelligent and is very fun to train and work with but will need a strong leader with a will to match his. When he came to us he had a significant amount of prey drive and leash reactivity, but he has been doing really well after finishing the foundation course. He will need someone who can continue his obedience, maintain the behavior modification, and find him an activity, sport, or something to keep this boy engaged. He's not for the uninitiated. He's played with my pack with management. He gets along famously with my intern's dog 1:1. If there is a dog in the home it'll need to be one who can take his energy and rough play style."


Adopter Profile:

Single family residence
Secure fenced yard
Dog experience
No cats
No young children

Adoption Info: Maverick's adoption fee is $250. He is neutered, up to date on core vaccinations, microchipped and in good health. Adoption will include one take-home training session with DogBGood and additional training sessions if needed! Your adoption fee may be tax deductible, as Dog Gone Seattle is a 501c3 organization.

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