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In shelter Dog

Columbia, Howard County, Maryland, Un...
Pet name:
American Pit Bull Terrier, Mixed
Coat length:
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Gus is just under 2 years 
old and he weighs about 85
pounds. He has been with his current family since he was a puppy and they are looking for a better-suited home that can better-manage him due to some aggression issues. (see below for details)

He is neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and he eats a prescription diet (Royal Canin Hydrolyzed Protein) because of allergies. Also: 

He had knee surgery on his left rear leg in November, and he has healed well. And his right rear leg might need the surgery in the future as well. He had the surgery done at Skylos Sports Medicine. He has allergies and gets an allergy shot, Cytopoint, every 4 weeks.

He is described by his current family as: 

Very active
Likes to be touched
Indoor dog
Outdoor dog
Likes men
Likes women
Separation anxiety

He knows sit, down, here (come), heal, place, kennel, out. He attended a two-week boot camp at American K9 in Crownsville, MD. He has been trained with using a choke collar, as well as an e-collar.



He has food aggression issues and space issues; he has severely bitten family members three times. We cannot provide him with the strict discipline and structure that he needs to thrive.


He seems to dislike feet, he has food aggression, and he has some separation anxiety.


He enjoys getting in the car, but he gets nervous and can't sit still or get comfortable on the way to wherever. On the way home, he is much more calm and relaxed.

When home alone he stays: 

In his kennel or on place when someone is home and in his kennel when no one is home.




My daughter was standing in front of where he was laying down. We're not sure what exactly provoked it, but I'm guessing he thought that she might move her foot and step on him or fall on him or something. He bit her leg with almost his full mouth, and she has 3 puncture wounds from his canine teeth and marks from all the small teeth in between. We went to the doctor's office where they rinsed off the wound and prescribed oral antibiotics.

With children: 

See bite incident. Not recommended to live with children.

With other dogs: 

He gets excited and wants to play, however, since we use a choke collar when on walks, it is hard for him to even attempt to play, and if he gets to excited, the choke collar increases his excitability and then he'll start to get frustrated.

With cats:  

He hasn't been around cats outside of the home. However, he does like to play, and tries to play.

His ideal forever home, as described by his current family: 

He needs a home with unwavering discipline and structure, so that he ALWAYS knows what is expected of him and it doesn't change. He needs someone that understands an anxious and non-confident dog. He needs to have someone make all of his decisions for him, since he has shown that when he is allowed to make his decisions they are bad ones. He needs a home where everyone can read his VERY subtle signs of discomfort that lead to snapping/biting. He likes to be near people and snuggle, but at the same time he seems to get tense when there are feet near him, his head especially. He is a happy-go-lucky, hyper at times puppy most of the time. His issues seem to be around food and his space being intruded upon. He loves walks  and would love to slowly start to run. He craves attention and we believe that he would do well with another dog to play with and help get his energy out, as well as teach him how to behave more properly.


Rehoming Fee: $0
Location: Orchard Beach, Maryland

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