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*** BONDED WITH SUSAN MCKAGAN*** Watch their video here!: https://www.facebook.com/TheLimelightPetProject/videos/222207579060431/ NAME: DUFF MCKAGAN AGE/GENDER:  DOB 8.7.18, Male BREED: PITBULL MIX TEMPERAMENT: Snuggly, playful, stubborn, bouncy, social WEIGHT: 50ish lbs HOUSE TRAINING: Good! CRATE TRAINING: Good! He willingly goes in his crate for his meals and bedtime with a treat. OTHER DOGS: He does need slow introduction, as he can be very particular about his playmates. He does great with non-dominant and playful dogs. Excitable or dominant dogs are not his jam. He's a bit of a party police, but hey! we don't judge... CATS: He can ignore them unless they run. Then all's fair in tag... CHILDREN: Dog-respectful children, 8 and older. The boy has springs for feet and can parkour off little people. ADOPTION DONATION: $800 (for both Duff McKagan and Susan McKagan) HEALTH: DUFF was born with a cleft palate. After months of hand feeding, he had successful surgery to repair his palate, though his mouth needs to be closely monitored and consideration given to his selection of toys and diet. He has a sensitive stomach and has some food allergies. Duff cannot have chicken.  He also suffers some environmental allergies and is on Cytopoint injections every other month to keep that in check. Duff is neutered, microchipped, flea treated, and dewormed.  HISTORY: Motley Zoo Animal Rescue was asked to take in Duff McKagan and his family (his mother and brothers who have since been adopted) when they were relinquished to animal control. NOTES FROM FOSTER HOME:  Duff McKagan is an extremely outgoing little guy and LOVES people. He doesn't feel he has any enemies. He has no clue about stranger danger and enjoys meeting everyone. He will definitely invite robbers into your home and offer them lattes along with your fine jewels:) He is, however, a little standoffish with new dogs initially because he likes to be the boss of everybody. Duff is NOT a dog who can go to dog parks or doggie daycare, as he shows some bulldog stubbornness and dominance. Can we say 'party police' unless he's the one throwing the party? Duff is an energetic little guy but tires easily, having little heat intolerance and low stamina, most likely due to his cleft palate situation, but also may be due to his bulldog genes and their physical limitations. He will definitely not be a jogging buddy and long strenuous hikes would be out of the question, as well as walks in hotter temperatures. He loves to be outside, however, and is great for walks when the weather is milder. I would say he's an easy-going 3-miler trail buddy. Duff McKagan met the love of his life, Susan McKagan, in foster care and is her seeing eye dog. He's also her ESA when she is nervous and scared. He likes to give her kisses, they cuddle, they play, they sleep together, share toys, share people. They both enjoy leisurely walks along the beach at sunset....these two are bonded for life and will be adopted as a pair. Though Duff is completely committed to Susan, Duff is quite content to play with his dog friends or amuse himself in the backyard. He prefers females and non-dominant dogs. He does need some time when doing dog introductions as he can be initially prickly. But he listens very well to corrections as long as the other dog is easygoing. He's an overall goofy guy with a zest for life. He's the happiest little boy and very quick with his affection. He loves to cuddle and kiss, and kiss, and kiss... sooooo much kissing and so much bouncing. He will make out with anyone who is able and willing and if you're lying in bed, then you are fair game to cuddle and kiss.  All dogs adopted from Motley Zoo come with a leash and either a Martingale collar or a harness, depending on each dog's particular needs.   ABOUT MOTLEY ZOO: Motley Zoo Animal Rescue is a volunteer run, foster based, 501(c)(3) non-profit animal rescue organization based in Redmond, WA. Motley Zoo does not have a traditional shelter location, but instead, utilizes private foster homes which care for the animals individually, in a home environment, until a "furever" home is found. Motley Zoo also runs "Rock Star Treatment" Dog Daycare & Training Studio in Redmond, WA which is a day-use facility and does not hold kennels of adoptable animals. The dogs there are owned animals who come to the facility while their families are at work and school so they can play and socialize in a safe environment. We dub this service our "Year-round" fundraising program which helps us support our rescue animals and the $15,000/ month vet bills we incur. This Studio location does have an Adoptable Cat Lounge, where cats may live until adoption, which is the exception to any aforementioned rules. Please email adopt@motleyzoo.org and request an adoption application so we can get you started on the journey to finding a new, furry friend! Once you have been approved to adopt, then we can set up a meeting with the animal you have been matched with. For more information, please visit www.motleyzoo.org. Thank you for considering adopting a dog in need! Woof, The Motley Zoo Crew


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