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Holly Springs, Rutherford County, Nor...
American Staffordshire Terrier, Labrador Retriever, Mixed
Gray, Silver, Salt & Pepper with White
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Online Adoption Application › **Please read the full bio for Cooper ** Meet Cooper. Isn't he handsome? The pictures are great but honestly don't do him justice of just how handsome he is. He is ~63 pounds of smushy gray fur with a white markings. He has the cutest little underbite. Cooper is looking for his forever home - one who is dedicated to just Cooper as he needs to be the only pet in the home. He is a smart boy - in his first home, he completed quite a bit of training. He can sit, leave it, lay down, recall, & stay! He is a strong boy & needs an experienced handler that will work on his manners & leash skills. In his original home, Cooper lived with 10 & 12 year-old boys from the time he was 8 weeks old until he was 11 months old & he loved them very much. He is equal parts active AND chill - he likes to lie down on his bed with a bones or yummy peanut butter & treat-filled KONG as much as he enjoys doing the zoomies in the yard. Playing fetch is his favorite pastime - tennis balls are a must in the new home. When he is done, he’s ready to lounge & is happy to hang out with you or by himself. A DNA test was done which says he is a mixture of Labrador Retriever, American Staffordshire Terrier, hound, & Chinese Shar Pei.If Cooper is so amazing, why was he returned to the rescue? Cooper was very loved from the time he is adopted at 8 weeks of age until he returned to the rescue at 11 months of age. He was adopted into a home with a 2 year-old dog who was also a Pawfect Match dog. She loved him as a puppy, but started to indicate that she no longer wanted another dog in her home. They both had high energy play styles & a few play sessions escalated & were difficult to break up, with neither dog relenting. Cooper didn't take kindly to being told no by her & continued to assert himself. She then didn't take kindly to being ignored. It caused a stressful situation for both dogs. Because of this, it was decided Cooper needed to be the only pet in a furever home. Cooper is not going to be a candidate for a dog park or doggie daycare. It would put him an unpredictable situation, undoing the confidence, training, & self control that are important to his success. ***Cooper is the "pawfect" match for a household with no other pets - an adopter looking for a wonderful, smart, handsome dog with so much to offer. Cooper needs a home with a true FENCED yard so that he play and burn off energy and play fetch without the ability to get into trouble. Although Cooper has received a great deal of training, he will need an adopter who will commit to ongoing training and whatever he needs. Could YOU be that "pawfect" match? Could you be the furever home for Cooper?


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