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Australian Shepherd, Mixed
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Bandit is a tender-hearted  6 year old, 45 pound Australian Shepherd  mix  boy that has a sad story that we are determined to change to a happily ever after  ending.  He was once upon a time a cute little young puppy of just 8 weeks of age and ended up in a Tennessee shelter looking for a home and a future. He was adopted from the  kill shelter by an elderly couple who  took him home and put him in an outdoor pen for the next 6 years with little attention.  Now…the elderly couple  are in nursing homes and hospice and the son brought Bandit to the shelter where he originally came from 6 years ago.   Bandit lived in that pen with little interactions with other dogs or people   The son knew nothing about Bandit and we can tell you that Bandit was TERRIFIED to the core in the shelter with all the noise and terrible sights and sounds.  The shelter called Critter Cavalry and begged us to take this boy and rehabilitate him and help with his fears.  We have had him in a foster home  for 2 weeks now and he is the sweetest when it comes to his humans! It takes him a little time to warm up to his person, but once he does, his loyalty will never end! He has come such a long way in his journey of learning how to become a dog. He didn’t even know what a toy was or how to play!!!   How very sad!  He is now comfortably crate trained and no longer afraid to go in when asked. He has also had no accidents since his arrival to his foster home. He is  enjoying his new found freedom, so he can be a bit reluctant to come back inside from outdoors  at times. Bandit is beginning to enjoy the company of other dogs as well and to know what to do around them.  . He doesn't really play with them, but will follow the pack wherever they go and nicely co-exists with them. He has done great with being around his cat foster siblings, but has not been child tested. I would recommend a home with teenagers, but no young children. The only trigger Bandit will react to is his collar being held to guide him where to go. He has no problem with attaching a leash and walks nicely with some guidance He just doesn’t want you grabbing his collar quickly. . He will make an excellent companion for a moderate energy household that will put some time into working with him.   We see him making tremendous progress every day in leaving his neglectful past behind.  Can you be his future refuge and loving person or family!?   Contact us at ADOPTION FEE REQUIRED. Contact


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