Moose Groot   

In shelter Dog

Cuba, Allegany County, New York, Unit...
Beagle, Great Pyrenees, Mixed
Tan, Yellow, Fawn with White
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Moose Groot
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Happy Birthday Gary Groot!My siblings and I decided to sponsor this life saving transport to honor our father's 81st birthday.  Our father, Gary Groot, is the main reason we are all animal lovers.  We grew up watching and learning how to properly pamper our puppies and he instilled in us the importance of adoption; how it saves lives.  My father just lost his beloved Precious who he loved with all his heart and took her everywhere, even bought a travel trailer so she could join him on mission projects for the church.  Precious was by his side for the last 15 years and will now wait for him at the Rainbow Bridge.  Suzanne, Karen & Tom   Moose and his 5 siblings were born around January 7, 2020 and may top out in the 60-65 pound range. They are wonderful with the other dogs and doing well with the humans they've become accustomed to here.  It is likely they did not have much human interaction while growing up and/or they were terribly abused, particularly by a man.  They have a sweet nature and are intelligent teens that are going to take some very patient parents to love them and show them how wonderful humans can truly be.  Below is an update from a siblings family and we thought it would benefit anyone interested in another of the litter to understand what adopting one of these pups will likely entail.    Two month update from the mom of a litter mate:  Hi Everyone,     I thought I would include all of you in this Rosie update as not only do I want to give a "progress report" but I also had Rosie's DNA run and have some very interesting results to share. Other than her persistent fear of humans, Rosie is such a sweetheart and is a very happy girl! She loves the yard (and the pond!) and goes outside with me, Cooper or all alone where she is adorable as she entertains herself. She cuddles with me and loves the cats who chase her to play.  She knows "kiss", "sit" and sometimes "high 5". She has only had 1 accident in the last month. She waits at the door when she needs to go out and walks well on the leash if I take her on that. She has pretty much had the run of the house since she came.     She is still terrified of other people.  She will come within 3 feet of Gary (husband) now, and is not giving a grumble nearly as often as before.  She really has no aggression.  I am the only one who can put her collar or leash on as she runs and hides, shaking like crazy.  My mom, who is 87, fell and fractured a vertebrae about a month ago and 3 of us took turns staying with her 24/7.  It was challenging because I had to have Gary come spot me while I drove home to let her out, etc.  At least now he can open the door and go out and she will follow behind especially if Cooper goes too.  If she wants to come in, he has to open the door and stand a number of feet away before she will come in.  She hides when anyone comes over and is in the house.  Outside, she will hang around but stays really far from anyone who might be out there. I feel terrible because she is truly terrified.  On the other hand, she trusts me implicitly. We are literally praying that she will come to understand that she will be okay.    Now - drum roll please - her DNA results:  30% Beagle 29% Great Pyrenees!!!! 22% Treeing Walker Coonhound 12% Shapendoes (herding dog) 4% Basset hound 3% Plott hound   The Adoption Fee for this dog is $200.00 Adoptions fees vary based on adoptability. In general our fees include spay/neuter, all age appropriate vaccines, Home Again micro-chipping & registration, worming & flea control - a "complete" pet. We accept CASH or Visa/Mastercard ONLY.    Joyful Rescues has no funding except for our adoption fees and miscellaneous donations. Pet care and vet bills are expensive - you must be ready to take on this financial (as well as emotional) responsibility. YOU MUST BE AT LEAST 25 YEARS OF AGE TO ADOPT A DOG FROM JOYFUL RESCUES   We keep our pet list as up-to-date as possible. As soon as a pet is adopted, it is removed from the list. If a pet is still showing, it is still available for adoption.   Can't Adopt Me?  SPONSOR ME Look for the Link "Special Instructions to Seller" if you want to note a particular pet Before you seek to adopt a pet from Joyful Rescues, please read our Pet Adoption page Online Application


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