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Jocko - PA   

In shelter Dog

Stevens Point, Portage County, Wiscon...
Pet name:
Jocko - PA
Belgian Shepherd Malinois
Brown, Chocolate with Black

Coordinator: Carol AulickJocko is a 2 yo neutered male currently located in Pennsylvania.  This handsome boy is brilliant and has really blossomed.  

When Jocko came into rescue, he had never lived in a home but was raised in a pasture.  He was not crate trained, house trained, had never worn a collar or walked on a leash.  He didn't know how to play with toys and didn't know how to properly interact with humans.  

But despite this 'less than ideal' beginning,  he has mastered many of these life skills.  He is exceptionally bright, food motivated, and LOVES his toys.  This has made it fun to work with him.  He is an eager student and has come a very long way.  

He is good in a crate but will destroy a dog bed in his crate in 2 seconds so he sleeps without a crate pad.  He needs to be crated when left alone as he will get into things if left unsupervised.  

He has intense prey drive.  The current critter score is Jocko 4, Groundhogs 0.  

He is good with other dogs (medium to large) not sure how he would be with small dogs but due to his prey drive, we are searching for a home without small dogs, cats, or small children.

He is cautious of strangers but will warm up as long as you ignore him and let him decide to make the first move to get to know you.  You can also win him over if you play with him.

He loves to be close and can chill quietly while you work on the computer or watch a movie as long as he gets some hiking and play time. 

Jocko is a diamond in the rough and is in search of an experienced family that can provide structure and consistency and is enthusiastic about continuing his training

For more information, please contact Jocko's coordinator, Carol  via email at

If you'd like to add Jocko to your family, please fill out an application for Jocko

Jocko's Adoption Application.





 ABMR thanks you for taking the time to look at our malinois available for adoption. 


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