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Max - VA   

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Stevens Point, Portage County, Wiscon...
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Max - VA
Belgian Shepherd Malinois

Coordinator: Carol AulickMax is a 6.5 year old male/neutered Malinois who's always ready to play.  His favorite activities, aside from getting lots of love and attention, are playing fetch (with just about any toy) and training. He even knows how to play ball by himself (on command) to roll the ball off the deck and run around and chase/fetch it.

If you have been working too hard, and haven't paid him enough attention, he will sometimes sneak a sock out of the laundry basket and just stand in the doorway or sit in front of you, holding the sock in his mouth, just waiting for someone to notice, so you can stop what you're doing and play with him.  He likes to be in the middle of everything his family does, whether it's sitting at your feet while you are working at your desk, or bringing you sticks while you're changing the oil on our car, Max is there to be a companion and helping paw. 

He is completely trusted to be in the house alone, does not have accidents, does not get into anything, and does not have separation anxiety,  It sometimes takes a little bit for him to get comfortable being alone in new places, but that doesn't take long.  He has never had any food aggression, or possessive behavior towards toys.  

He is very intelligent and knows what you are thinking before you do.  He understands most of what you say to him and is truly a great companion. He is kennel and muzzle trained and is comfortable in his kennel.  He knows lots of behaviors using verbal cues and hand signals (see his video).

He is sensitive to his surroundings and will channel the energy around him.  He can be jumpy if the energy in the room is stressed or anxious.  Likewise, if the energy is excited and happy, he is the first to run around and spin in circles.

Max is fearful of strangers.  Young or old, human or animal, he does not discriminate.  If he is approached by a stranger and/or a stranger enters the house, he becomes quite agitated, exhibited by barking and snapping.  He can be redirected to focus on training (at a safe distance from strangers), during these scenarios, but requires constant focus.  As a result, he is quite accustomed to going into his kennel in these situations (with line of site to said stranger, and is comfortable just watching from his safe space).  He can gain trust given proper time.

He will do best in an environment where he is either the only dog or with a neutral dog.  He will not be placed in a home with young children or cats.

For more information on Max, please contact Carol Aulick via email at

If interested in adopting Max, please complete an adoption application: Max's Adoption Application


 ABMR thanks you for taking the time to look at our malinois available for adoption. 


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