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Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, United ...
Pet name:
Belgian Shepherd Malinois
No seriously, adopt the smartest, most agile, and faithful malinois. Working dog experience is a must in order to be considered for this guy. He will require daily exercise and mental stimulation or he will find himself in the dog house (don’t worry taster we don’t judge).  Taster has come along way since he came to us as a true “maligator”, with no off switch.  Taster will require an experienced home that sets  boundaries . Even though taster is in a foster home with young children, we recommend older kids as he may knock over the younger ones and when excited sometimes gets a little mouthy (not in a mean way but playful and has been working really hard on not doing so since we took him in).  He does well with dogs of all sizes(his foster home has dogs ranging from one pound up to fifty pounds) but may be too much for smaller dogs as he loves to play and doesn’t realize his size.  He does well with horses and doesn’t bother with them as long as his person is with him. His foster has crate trained him and he does amazing, doesn’t have any accidents and no jail breaks.   He has slept out of the crate and done well too. He’s working on and doing well on a leash. He’s learned sit, drop it, lay down, and roll over. He’s currently working on the stay command and his recall is perfect.  Taster loves the water and you will often find him in the smallest of puddles if he can find them.  He’s a faithful dog who loves his people and he’s attached himself to the nine year old little girl in his foster home and is her constant shadow.  He’s picked up on new tricks within minutes of learning them. Hes ben introduce to some agility and would excel in it.  He’s a special dog that will continue to do and be amazing in the right home.  If taster joins your family, you’ll see just what a special gift you’ve received with him.

Our dog adoption fees range from $150-$240 depending on the dog's age, and our cat fees range from $45-120.  They are all spayed/neutered, microchipped with lifetime registration, and have received age appropriate vaccines. If you would like to meet one of our pets, please do the online application at
  You only need to do it once for our organization, regardless of how many of our dogs you are interested in.


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