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Black Labrador Retriever
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Meet Bailey! This handsome Lab is another outdoor dog who lived on a chain for most of his life. Bailey is the fifth dog we've rescued from the same property. We tried to get custody of him last year, and his owner declined but did allow us to spay/neuter the remaining dogs on the property...which is progress. Sometimes helping these owners with their dog's care will enable them to trust us and our intentions with the dog. We always let them know we are ready and available to take the dog into our care, and thankfully in Bailey's case, his owner reached out to us to surrender him.  Like most outdoor dogs, Bailey was heartworm positive on intake and needed treatment. However, he's still a young dog and is incredibly well adjusted for a dog who was isolated from the outside world most of his life. He is excellent with dogs, cats, and kids and is currently living with two foster parents, a Husky, four small dogs, and two cats….and doing well with all. Bailey has completed his heartworm treatment and will be heading to N. VA soon. We checked in with his foster mom, Tiffany, for an update: How is he doing with your pack? Was it an easy integration? I do have a Husky mix puppy, four small dogs, and two cats, and Bailey's transition was one of the easiest I've ever had with a foster dog. He completely ignores the cats, he will sniff them occasionally, but that's about it. My little ones are older and can be grumpy, but even when they are not nice to Bailey, he just ignores them and/or goes back to playing with Evie (our husky mix) or just comes and sits with us.  Do you think he would do better in a home with dogs, or fine as an only dog too? I think he would do well with dogs or without dogs. He loves to play, but is also very people-focused, so as long as the family is willing to give him attention, that's the most important thing for him. He does seem to still have some "puppy" in him (he has developed a habit of tearing up toilet paper rolls with Evie and LOVES shoes), so I do recommend his next home to crate him when they are gone, but in general he is one of the best/easiest fosters I've ever had!  Energy level? Would you say he's an active, moderate energy, or more mellow dog? He pretty much adapts to his home - if you have another dog who loves to play, he will play all day long! If you don't have another dog and/or have an older/more mellow dog, he will play, but is also very much a couch potato and just wants to be where his family is. Leash walking skills? Do you walk him regularly for exercise or potty? We walked him regularly prior to his heartworm treatment and he did very well on leash! No reactivity at all; he may get scared of loud noises and he is terrified of fireworks, but other than that he is great! Have you seen him around kids? I have not, but I don't have any concerns that he would not do well. Personality - Shy vs. Confident? Snuggly vs. Aloof?  Bailey is very shy at first, but it took him less than a day to warm up to us and for him to basically want to sit in our laps. He is incredibly cuddly and prefers to be on your lap and/or by your side. I think the main thing he needs is socialization and experience with the outside world. He LOVES people so I'm not super concerned with new people, but gets scared of loud noises and most "new things" that come along. He will seek reassurance from his family, so I think as long as they continue to expose him to "new things" he will become more confident. How are his house manners? He is both crate and housetrained and does pretty well with both. He will occasionally whine to be let out of his crate, but responds well to a firm "No!"  Does he greet new people and visitors well? Yes! He loves people! Bailey will make a great family dog and is going to be popular. He will be coming to N. Va in Early August - Apply today! BREED ESTIMATE:  Black Lab Mix GENDER: Male APPROXIMATE WEIGHT:  41 lbs APPROXIMATE AGE: ~ 3years  COAT TYPE: Medium ADOPTION FEE: $400 OTHER INFO: utd on shots/neutered/microchipped/treated for heartworm LOCATION:  Fort Mill, SC FOR MORE INFO OR TO ADOPT: Please go to and complete the application. You can also help save dogs like this one by becoming a foster, providing a rescue dog with a temporary home and giving them the love and care they need until they are permanently adopted. Every person who fosters is directly responsible for saving the life of a dog, because we can only save as many dogs as we have foster families available to welcome them into their homes. If you think you might be interested in becoming a foster and want to learn more, please go to and fill out an application. Worthy Dog Rescue is an all-volunteer, foster-based rescue that primarily adopts to families in the DC Metro area.


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