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Meet Rocket! He is ready to start looking for a new home. Is that with you? Rocket is an approximately 9 year old Boston Terrier, fostering and training with Hope2K9 Foundation, in partnership with Boston Buddies SoCal Boston Terrier Rescue. Rocket was surrendered by his owner, who stated that he was resource guarding food from the other senior dog in the home, and that there had been some incidents with Rocket being unhappy in a home with another dog overall. (Basically, this guy is an introvert, who’s passionate about snacks and naps… probably quite a few adopters out there who vibe with this, right??) In his previous home, if Rocket thought his ball was going to be swiped by the other dog, he would also be reactive and inappropriate - even if it was just his eyesight steering him wrong. Despite loving to play fetch, and being good on the leash, Rocket now finds himself looking for a quiet, dog-free home to spend his senior years in. Overall, this guy just likes a calm and quiet routine - no monkey business allowed. Rocket is like a grumpy old man on a porch, telling kids to “get off his lawn.” Thing is… we all know that the same grump often has a heart of gold deep down, and this is true of Rocket too. Since he may be suspicious at first, and assume you’re up to no good until he’s had a little time to get over himself, you can’t be a sensitive human or you won’t enjoy this charming (and occasionally cantankerous) little Boston boy. Whether it’s his slightly impaired vision, or just his nature, Rocket needs people to go slow and give him time to warm up to new relationships and experiences. While boarding at Hope2K9, Rocket has shown us that he absolutely can get there - trusting again, and becoming a very loving dog. It took several days of hand feeding to get Rocket to the point of allowing us to pet him, but after doing this for several weeks, Rocket now can be found romping around the yard playing, rolling in the grass, or jumping in his handler’s lap to receive affection! We have also trained Rocket to accept and feel comfortable in a soft muzzle, so he can be seen by a vet or otherwise face the occasional overwhelming scenarios that fearful dogs must learn to deal with from time to time. Once placed in a home, it is imperative that Rocket earns his meals by hand for awhile, and continues to use a crate - this is his safe space and something constant for him in a world where day to day is not always so predictable. If you’re the gravy train, Rocket will be super happy to give you his full and undivided attention. For those interested in adding Rocket to your home, you should be an applicant with no other dogs, and no small children. To fill out an online Adoption Agreement , head here: Adoption Fee: $300   View video of Rocket on our facebook page


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