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This adorable little gremlin faced boy was picked up as a stray in Louisville.  We cannot believe that no one was looking for him!  He is the sweetest boy with the softest brown eyes that just melt your heart.  Clark has received all of his routine vetting and will be neutered very soon.  He has open wounds on his two front legs that are being treated with hydrotherapy and medications.  Clark tested good with other dogs at the shelter but has not been cat tested.  5;25 UPDATE:  Clark arrived at his Wisconsin foster home about a week and a half ago and is doing amazing!  From his foster mom: Clark update. He is learning how to be a dog. He has been really good with no accidents in the house. Sleeps in his kennel at night without a peep. He is eating 3 meals a day and gaining weight. I changed up the treatment on his leg. He was licking the cream which was causing more problems. I have a topical antibiotic spray that I have been putting on it and it is about half the size it was and not red. It seems to be healing better, the other leg is healed just does not have hair on it. One of the sores on his butt is gone, the other is still healing. He is getting better at not biting blankets, if it is on the ground, he is happy to lay on it and will seek it out to go on it. However, i have not put any in the kennel but will be trying it this week. He has not chewed apart any toys or blankets for me.   Clark would do best with older kids. He can't have bones taken from him or he thinks you are planning to play with him. I understand that play however even my dog savvy kids are having some issues with it. I have taken toys from his mouth; he likes to keep them! We have been working on dropping with a treat. But he still needs work on that. He can take treats with other dogs around; he chews bones with other dogs around and he drinks water with other dogs around. We have not fed him with the others yet due to the 3 meals a day and he gets more than the rest. He loves playing with other dogs and does ok, some dogs will find him a bit much at first. He plays the most with our small dog (10 lb). Clark tends to become obsessed with squeak toys. Thick rubber toys or bones are best for him. He LOVES to be loved on and will sit so good when you are petting him. He walks good by himself and with my pack. When he is in a deep sleep he sounds like a chainsaw!   


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