Lucky Man   

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Burnsville, Dakota County, Minnesota,...
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Lucky Man
Lucky's people moved away over a year ago and left him behind.  Some neighbors were feeding him...others considered him an aggravation and try to hit him with their cars.  He was good with all of the neighborhood dogs and kids.  The neighbors who were feeding him claimed that he had stopped eating and seemed sick so they reached out to local rescuers for help, who in turn, reached out to us :)  Lucky was treated for sarcoptic mange and is now on medications for secondary skin infections that accompany it.  He has an old hip injury and some arthritis and was started on medications and supplements for that, as well.  He is very, very sweet and in the words of Dr. R, he has a great personality and is a pretty awesome old man!  Please check back in on Lucky to see how he is doing.  When he is looking and feeling better he we be cleared for travel to a foster or adoptive home!!   4/20 UPDATE FROM DR. ROWLAND: Lucky guy is doing well, great personality!  He is a pretty awesome old man!  He has some rear end issues, likely arthritis, and has a weird gate. Our boy is so sweet, and finally smelling much MUCH better, thank goodness. We have been giving him medicated baths in addition to the skin support food from Royal Canin and of course several medications. He is just the best though, doesn't make a peep, doesn't make a mess, always happy to see everyone! He is really lame on that rear leg, barely uses it and is very swollen in the stifle (knee).  We will be doing some x-rays and more extensive bloodwork (including thyroid levels, urine, etc) to see if we can possibly get him neutered. He should be ready for a foster home soon!!5/14 UPDATE:  Lucky's bloodwork came back great!  His skin is looking really good and we will work on getting him neutered in a week or so.  His x-rays tell the story of his previous life...they revealed that he was shot in the leg.  We sent the films out for consultation just to be sure there was nothing else going on with the leg and the result was that it was just bone healing from traumatic gunshot injury.  We will keep you all updated on this sweet old soul!! 6/2 UPDATE:  Lucky is ALL vetted....he was neutered and did fantastic!!!  He has a spring back in his step and he will be on his way to his Illinois foster home on June 12th!!  6/13 UPDATE:  This handsome dude arrived at his Illinois foster home yesterday and is chilling out and getting to know everyone.  He did fantastic on transport from Kentucky and absoutely loved all of our drivers and meeting so many new people!  


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