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Boxer, Pit Bull Terrier, Mixed
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Hi there! My name is Sebastian! I was rescued and adopted four years ago to a super loving family who loves me so dearly, but now due to some unfortunate life circumstances. I am back at Family Dog looking for a new home.    Here's a bit about me: - When I feel anxious I might chew up soft things like plushies. Be patient with me please. The more secure I feel, the less I will do those things. I enjoy kongs stuffed with peanut butter!   - I love to cuddle and just want to be near you. I can not hear, so touching you is the only way I know when you leave the room and it helps me feel secure. I do not like to be left alone and have anxiety.   - I bark but only when I get excited or someone frightens me (like when people wear sunglasses, hats, or motorcycle helmets and I can't see their face.)   - Please bend down to my eye level when you are speaking to me - I can not hear so this is the only way I know you are talking to me!   - Please don't yell at me, even though I can't hear I can feel you when you are angry - Be patient, I am very sensitive.    - I am a good boy and love children, the elderly and people in general. I used to visit retirement homes and make new friends who needed some cuddles! I am good with other animals (such as in the dog park) but sometimes I get excited and need help socially. I love to play and hangout with my doggy friends, but I would do best as the only dog in the household.   - My joints hurt sometimes, so walking is fine but running or climbing can sometimes hurt. I take joint supplements to ease the pain- I enjoy them wrapped it in lunch meat, yumm!    - I have some allergies that make my skin flare up a bit. I take some meds for that but I'm not sure what I am allergic to.    - I am very gentle, great on leash, super friendly to new faces and a big couch potato.    Although I am looking for a new home and things might be scary right now since I am going through a big transition, I know my future forever family will love me as much as my old one did. Please consider adopting me, I promise I am a good boy. 


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