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Doberman Pinscher
Black with Tan, Yellow or Fawn
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Sacramento- Squish came to us originally as a baby,  when this litter of puppies was left in a tub outside of a spay and neuter clinic.  He was barely four weeks old and required formula in addition to watered down canned food.  He had a head injury and we were not sure he would survive, but he kept fighting and within a matter of a month, he was the same as his three siblings.  Squish was adopted when he was about three months old, but when he was about 6 months old, he started to exhibit anxious behaviors.  Rather than work with him and a trainer, his adoptive family decided to return him.  When Squish came back to us, he was a bit of a mess.  He did not trust strangers at all, and he would not go into a crate.  We were able to work through a lot of his fears and he was crate trained once again. He learned basic obedience, but he continued to live with extremely high anxiety.  We had Squish evaluated and made the decision to try prozac.  It took a couple months to figure out his correct dose, but he was suddenly a more relaxed version of himself, and he was much happier.  Squish continues to take prozac, which is minimal in cost (he will be sent to his new home with quite a bit, too).   Squish then participated in a board and train program for a couple weeks to work on his lack of confidence.  He has improved quite a bit, but he continues to require to proper introductions to new people and situations, and really would prefer a quiet home without children, so he can be his best, most relaxed self.  He is not a coffee shop dog, he does not need fieldtrips and outtings.  He is most happy at home, with his people.  He LOVES balls.  Fetch, soccer, and more. Anything for a chance to play with big rubber balls.  He does not really understand tug-of-war, he would much rather fetch a ball or kick it around.     Yes, Squish is nervous and takes time to warm up, but once he does, he will be your biggest admirer and your best friend. He is worth the patience and time and love to build his trust, because he is the sweetest boy to ever be, and is 95 lbs of dopey love.  Also, he has the cutest little docked knub (he came that way, at just 4 weeks) and it wiggles so fast when he is happy! It is worth everything to see that.   He is neutered, microchipped, and up to date on vaccines.    If interested, you can go online and find our adoption process and apply online at:     http://recycledpetsnorcal.org/adoptpet/   Adoption fee: $200


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