In shelter Cat

Chestertown, Maryland, 21620
Domestic Short Hair
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Orion has come out of his shell since he arrived at ACSKC. He was very grumpy, and it was evident he did not like being cooped up in his kennel. Since he has been given space to roam in our front office, he has shown his affectionate, easy-going side. He will ask for pets, and is happy toWhile a cat of few words, Orion expresses himself very well. One look into those green eyes, and you’ll know whether he expects pets and praise, more food added to his bowl, or for you to turn on the tunes. We’ve gotten to know this gray and white short hair pretty well since he arrived at ACSKC. Initially, we only knew Orion to be very grumpy, as it was evident he did not care to be cooped up in his kennel. Since he has been given space to roam in our front office, however, he has shown his affectionate, easy-going side. At 13 years of age, Orion knows what makes him happy. While his senior status means he doesn’t have the energy for playtime anymore, he has no problem exerting himself if it means getting what he wants. Once, while left to free roam in an office overnight, he helped himself to full bag of catnip. When we came into work the next morning, the evidence of the party he threw for himself was all over the computer keys. Overall, Orion is at his best when given space. If he has that, then he will come to you when he wants attention. We’ve had to scoot him out of our offices a time or two because of this, and he will voice his displeasure—the only time we ever hear him talk—when we have to pick him up from our paperwork. He can be appeased, however, by simply turning on a faucet, as he loves to watch running water. If you’re looking for a cat who knows what he wants, then head to kenthumane.org to submit an application for Orion! Due to COVID-19 precautions, the Animal Care Shelter for Kent County is open by appointment only. Once your application is approved, we will set up an appointment with you! sleep by your side.Animal meetings and adoptions by appointment only. Please go to kenthumane.org/adoption-applicationOnce approved we will call you to set up an appointment!


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