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This big hunk of love is Alex. He is quite magnificent and has the cutest face and pink nose. He was adopted in 2019 and recently returned due to some behavioral concerns. You see, Alex sometimes nips and swats when he’s overly excited or anxious. Kitties like Alex can get overstimulated when being handled or petted. Usually they will give you a warning sign when they’ve had enough, and Alex typically does let you know when he’s done being petted through his vocalization and body language. He was quite unhappy for the first week or so at my house, but once he settled in and learned to trust me, his true personality really started to shine. In fact, he’s become quite the love bug and often perches himself in my lap for cuddle time. He will follow me around and rub his face all over my leg when he wants attention. When he's especially happy, he rolls onto his back to show you his tummy; a true sign of trust.  He’s very fond of being petted on his head by his ears, cheeks and chin, but I noticed that he doesn’t like being touched towards his back end. That could explain why he was acting out at his previous home. I also noticed that he loves the company of other cats and is very docile with them. He was an only cat in his previous home so I think that also plays into some of his behavior as he tends to be bored and lonely by himself.   Alex is a very vocal boy and loves to talk to you and tell you all about his day. He’s quite silly and goofy too and enjoys playing with toys and chasing laser lights. Because of his large size and behavior quirks, he would do best in a home with someone who is very experienced and knowledgeable of cats and their behaviors. Most of the time he’s as sweet and loving as can be but there are times when he can be feisty and cranky when overstimulated, so it’s important that his future adopter be able to read his body language, respect his space when he needs it, and use positive reinforcement/redirection techniques to maximize appropriate behaviors.  As such, he cannot be in a home with children. However, since he loves other cats, it would be great if he could go to home with another friendly kitty companion (or two). He has been around dogs before and doesn’t seem to mind them, so a cat friendly and calm dog would probably be OK. Alex has been through a lot in his two years of life; he was born to a feral cat and wasn’t socialized to people until he was several months old. From there he went to his first foster home, was adopted several months later, then recently returned and now back in foster care. That’s a lot for a kitty to deal with in such a short period of time! Nonetheless, we truly believe the right home is out there for our boy, and that he will make a loyal and loving companion for a very lucky someone. Alex is neutered, current on shots and microchipped; DOB 4/5/2017, tag # 10829JB.


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