"The Teacher Kittens" FCID#s 06/10/21-1,2,3,4,5   

In shelter Cat

Greenville, Delaware, 19710
Domestic Short Hair
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"The Teacher Kittens" FCID#s 06/10/21-1,2,3,4,5
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Teacher Kitten Litter FCID#s 06/10/2021-3,4,5The "Teacher Kittens" FCID#s 06/10/2021-2 (Logan),3,(Bolton),4 (Travis) COVID restrictions were just beginning to lift with in-school attendance. The birth of the babies mirrored the hope and excitement my Granddaughter felt after the first few days back to in-person learning. Each of the babies was named after the first or last name of one of her special heroes - her Teachers. Now school is out for the summer and these 5 precious Kittens are ready to graduate to their forever homes! Mom arrived in Clinic on April 1st ready to give birth ... 12 hours later on April 2nd Grayson, Bolton, Logan, Olive and Travis (in that order) were born in their Foster home. They have been absolutely adorable, sweet, loving, playful and perfect beginning the moment they were born and through each and every milestone of their development and growth. They have been loved dearly and cared for with their Mom in the same foster home since birth.  Logan (Grey/White Tux) is the sweetest kitten ever - an "old soul" of sorts. Bolton (Orange and White Tabby) may just be the most independent one always first to get where he wants to go - that is said with a smile as all are quite good at figuring out how to get where they want to be and doing what makes them happy. Travis (White/Siamese Mix/Blue eyes) is the smallest and catching up quickly. Nothing slows him down from keeping up and running and playing. All are affectionate and like to be held (of course playtime comes first !) Their little tails wag a mile a minute when they see you - they are happy little kittens. To be honest, all of their bios are basically the same "purrfect". They grew up together and they grew up much alike one another.  The kittens have been very close since birth and each one adores the others. Travis would do best being adopted with any one of his brothers. There are no special "bonded pairs".  Growing up in a litter of 5 kittens each would like to go home with another kitten or where there is already a young friendly playful kitty for them to bond with. They are good with kids and people of all ages. They have not been around dogs so far yet are definitely chilled kittens - it's highly likely they will become best buddies with any friendly housemate - dog or cat. They get along well with our other household cats (ages 2-9) and figure out pretty quickly who likes to play and who is less than fond of their kitten antics. They enjoy all kinds of toys from balls, mice, springs to wands to electronic toys. They all regularly stand like little Meir cats when playing or reaching for your hand. Greyson and Travis enjoy untying shoelaces. Logan likes to climb up your back and sit on you shoulder. Little Olive loves nestling up to her people. Bolton likes to do a little of everything - he finds the best of all worlds ! All are fetchers when not too busy to stop and bring the toy back to you. You will want to be sure to have a laser for them to chase ! The Kittens are Microchipped (DATAMARS PetLink), 12 Weeks old, are Up-to-Date on Vaccines,Topical & DeWorming Treatments. They have been well since birth and to the best of our knowledge their overall health is good. If you are looking to adopt and feel Bolton, Logan, and/or Travis are the one(s) you have been waiting for please consider filling out a No-obligation application @ https://forgottencats.org/adoption-application/. Great News to share ! Grayson and Olive have an received approved application and are going home together !! Once approved a Meet 'n Greet can be set up. These kittens are really neat little ones and likely will be adopted quickly.  Thank you for considering to adopt Bolton, Logan, and/or Travis. They look forward to meeting you soon and bringing a lifetime of love, happiness and incredible memories to their forever families. 


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