Domestic Short Hair
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Bubble bubble, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble! Hello, I am Bix… your favorite handsome black as night kitty cat. My foster mama always likes to say that I am the perfect picture of a witch’s cat with the beautiful depiction of the moon with the tiny white patch on my chest that sits just beneath my chin. As with my brother and two sisters, I was found orphaned as a wee baby and was bottle fed and cared for in a foster home filled with other kitty and pup siblings. Like my brother Benedict, I adore attention, but I approach you with my love in a much more subtle way. I will gently rub against your legs and paw at your ankles while a soft and sweet rumbling purr echoes from my chest. I love playing, but I also love my cuddles. I am the definition of the perfect cat with the perfect balance of playful and sweet. While I have not been raised around young kids I think that I could make the best kitty in a family home as long as I have a proper introduction. I am an absolute gentleman when using the litterbox, and while I am on a free feeding schedule now, I can easily adapt to any schedule that would work in your life. When it comes to new people I absolutely adore and win over the hearts of everyone I met. As a baby I was always the smallest, but I think my small stature is made up with the insane amount of love I give everyone I meet. While it isn’t often I can occasionally get under foot, so please keep that in mind when looking to adopt me. A small quirk my foster mom found out is that I really enjoy riding in the hood of hoodies while you wander around the house doing chores. A shoulder high view is the best view in my opinion! It gives me the chance to be nice and close to the people that I love! Please reach out to this amazing rescue about adopting me or one of my siblings today!  At Laramie Animal Welfare Society, the first step to adoption is completing an adoption application on our website Once submitted, your application will be reviewed by our adoption team which typically takes up to 7 days.  Keep in mind, the kitten/cat you’re interested in when applying may be adopted and no longer available by the time your application is approved. We do not place animals on hold.   Pending approval, your application is valid for 6 months. Also pending approval, you will receive contact information, so that you may inquire about the personalities of specific animals.   Due to COVID-19, we are highly encouraging foster homes and adopters to speak with one another via phone or video chat to limit in-person contact. If meeting in person at a foster home or at our adoption center, everyone is encouraged to wear masks and socially distance.   Adoptions for individual animals will occur by private adoption appointment. Because we are 100 % foster-based, appointments are scheduled pending staff, foster home, and vetting schedules.  Should you want to proceed with the adoption, a brief appointment will occur at our adoption center to sign adoption paperwork, receive medical records, and pay the adoption fee.    **Dog/Puppy applications -  Because of the large volume of dog/puppy applications we are receiving these applications may take longer to process, please be patient. We do not do first come first serve but we place the dog/puppy in the best suited home. If you have questions about the Dog/Puppy process please email**


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