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Social Circle, Georgia, 30025
Domestic Short Hair
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Please contact Teresa (EVANS_TERESA619@comcast.net) for more information about this pet.Application is required - Please go to www.ppnk.orgAdoption Fee $60Xavier is just like any other kitty w/ his own unique personality.  He is looking for a family to adopt him even though he is FIV+. He is a social and friendly boy. He takes an adjustment period when being moved like any feline.  He is INSANE for a good brushing and canned wet food.  He enjoys treats and comfy bets. He is about 3yrs old and a sweetie!!FIV+ kitties live normal & very long lives.  In fact, they can out live cats that don't have it.... They are no different other than their immune system is a little more susceptible to getting a cold, if you will.  FIV+ kitties CAN & DO live w/ other cats in the home who are NOT FIV+.  YES, really!!!  They only way cats get FIV is through deep puncture wounds, like those found in outdoor cat fights (sometimes a momma cat passes it to her kittens too). So if Xavier doesn't get in any really bad bad fights, all can live happily ever after.PPNK adopts out many FIV+ cats to families w/ children AND people who have other cats that are NOT FIV.  Amos was rescued from being euthanized just because of this infection... of which you would have never even known he had unless you tested him.  Many never test their cats & they very well could have an FIV kitty.  We wouldn't have rescued him if he could hurt you; your children; your other pets due to his disease.  Don't be afraid to ask us more or read more about FIV+ cats online.  Also see the following two links to help you better understand.https://consciouscat.net/2010/07/12/fiv-separating-myth-from-fact/?fbclid=IwAR3xp0o9qdfdgAc2WH-694SuB497VfQ9g-J3TA7owcOpVeFQJvJMG_DdIuUhttps://www.catster.com/lifestyle/cat-health-vet-study-fiv-positive-cats-living-together?fbclid=IwAR25eIwZ0yrojBl3P-gRYtUdZk9XiAfS5UYQIxvl_Ngz-Rc9KKkjzzyaOIMAll our animals receive professional veterinary attention including spay/neuter, testing, vaccination, deworming, food and shelter. We only rescue from Animal Control and cannot accept lost, hurt or unwanted pets from individuals.  We are a licensed non-profit no-kill shelter.


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