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In shelter Cat

Wisconsin, 53190
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Black (Mostly)
Coat length:
Meet Oscar! This big, lovable boy came to us from animal control... we were his last chance to make it out. Not only is he FIV+, but he is also EXTREMELY shy. Oscar (aka Ozzie, OzBoz) needs someone who will be very patient with him with a quiet home. You may have to wait awhile for him to come out of hiding and slowly build his trust, but we promise, his love, affection, and playfulness will all be worth the wait! In his foster home, Oscar originally hid under the bed around the clock, but with lots of love and patience, he has completely come out of his shell. Now he only hides when he hears the vacuum or lawn mower (those evil things!), or there are people he does not know. Oscar adores affection and attention, and appreciates being scratched behind the ears and a good belly rub. He loves to lay on his human, but does not like to be picked up. He enjoys playing alone with his toys that are just scattered around the ground, especially sparkle balls, but he also loves interactive play with toys that are connected to a string, specifically foil fringe. Oscar is very fond of his foster mom and enjoys a snuggle session every morning before she gets out of bed. He gets along great with her other cat (though he’s a sick old man cat and Oscar would really love a playmate); the ideal adopter for Oscar would have a playful cat to make him feel comfortable, and would be willing to give him his space, at first. Confinement to a room with limited hiding spots would be best, with the opportunity to roam and explore at night. He is an AMAZING, loving cat, he just needs someone who will be patient with him and give him the time he needs to acclimate to a new home. He is also on a limited ingredient diet to help him with an upset tummy.
He was born around 2016 and is being fostered in the Madison area.
  FIV, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, is a virus that cats an contract that affects their immune system. A common misconception is that it is "kitty AIDS," which is not the case. Cats with FIV can lead normal lives but to require a bit of extra attention to their health since their immune system is not 100%. FIV cats can live and co-exist happily with non-FIV cats, for more information visit: 

 If you are interested in adopting one of our wonderful cats or kittens, you can apply on our website:
Please allow several days for us to process your application. We are a small, all-volunteer group and we are doing our best to work quickly! After the application is processed we will make arrangements for you to meet the cats that interest you. All of our cats and kittens are raised in our homes and live with us until they are adopted. They live with us as part of our families so we know them very well and we can help you find your perfect cat! Cats are rarely caged (only if its medically necessary) so you can visit with them and see how they act in a home. 
Our adoption fees are: 
Kittens (under 6 months): $100 (or 2 for $150)
Adults (6 months to 7 years): $50 (or 2 for $50)
Seniors (8 years and up): $25 (or 2 for $25)
All cats are spayed or neutered, tested for FIV/FeLV, dewormed, vaccinated for rabies (if age appropriate) and distemper, and microchipped.


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