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Florida, 34695
Domestic Short Hair, Domestic Short Hair, Mixed
Brown Tabby
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Please complete our online Adoption Application (https://forms.gle/GE48znsNeFQoxTax5). An application is required to move forward with any adoption. NO PHONE CALLS, PLEASE!Timmy is a twelve-year-old neutered male weighing approximately nine pounds. Timmy has a respiratory problem for which x-rays revealed a shadow on his lung which failed to be resolved by a course of antibiotics. He has also been diagnosed as having IBD. Both of these conditions are managed by the administration of prednisolone on a daily basis. Timmy is also diabetic, probably because of the long-term use of prednisolone, and so receives insulin twice a day. The prednisolone is given in tablet form and, while he is resistant to being pilled, he will eat the medication when it is hidden in a treat. He receives his insulin injections twice a day. Timmy was socialized late in life and as such tends to be distant and reserved. He can become quite affectionate when treats are pending, nuzzling and purring, but otherwise is on the shy side and will not seek out interaction. He will accept being petted and often enjoys it and will purr responsively. He does nip on occasion, but more in a curious rather than overtly aggressive manner. He cannot be picked up and must be sedated prior to being placed in a carrier for veterinarian visits. All Save Our Strays Inc cats have been sterilized, given one distemper vaccine, a rabies vaccine and have been tested for FeLV if under 6 months of age and for both FeLV/FIV if older. Also all have been microchipped. A contract must be completed prior to any adoption after approval of the adopter by one of our adoption volunteers. There is a screening process so merely wanting to adopt doesn't make someone eligible to adopt. Adoptions are approved at the discretion of the screeners. Please note cats come in and out of foster homes so seeing a cat on this site does not guarantee it will be available when you contact us. Also we do not adopt on a first come first serve basis. Our volunteers, particularly the foster homes, have first right of adoption even if at some point the photo is posted on this site. The present adoption fee is $80.00 (please note this amount may change without notification). Renters will be asked to provide proof that pets are allowed. Placements are made based on the needs of each cat.  


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