In shelter Cat

Sheboygan, Wisconsin, 53081
Domestic Short Hair, Mixed
Orange, White
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Kimchi is a young smaller male cat that has had the misfortune of being dumped at a rural shelter. He is only a year old and weighs less than ten pounds. When he came to us he had an awful eye infection, an ear infection, and a bad cut across the bridge of his nose. In order to get him we had to use a trap, and although these traps are humane and do no physical harm to the animal, it can be frightening for them. Fortunately we were able to get him neutered and vaccinated the same day he was trapped, so the trauma was limited. Over the following couple of days we noticed Kimchi was slightly cross-eyed and has entropion in both of his eyes. Entropion is a condition that causes the eyelid to flip inward, which in turn causes the eyelashes and eyelid skin to touch and scratch the surface of the eye. Unfortunately this condition can only be fixed with surgery. Without being fixed Kimchi's eyes will always be uncomfortable and at risk of reoccurring infection. During his time here it has been made clear that his eyesight has been negatively impacted by the poor condition of his eyes. He does however recognize familiar sounds (like the shaking of his treat jar!!) and has an excellent sense of smell! We have been able to coax him out of his kennel with treats and have been able to form a bond with him even with the limited amount of time that I get to spend with him. He is enjoying having his head and neck scratched. He also remains calm when I need to wrap him up in a blanket to safely clean his eyes and ears. He interacted with a kitten and didn't seem to mind him at all, so being placed in a home with a kitten or younger cat seems to be an okay option. He will need some special attention since he mostly navigates with his nose and ears, but I think a patient and understanding person that has previously owned cats will be able to navigate these challenges with relative ease. Kimchi came from a rough beginning and because of that he understandably is easily frightened and will be very shy and stand-offish in a new home before learning his new surroundings. To make his transition into a home easier, I do not recommend a home that has children, or one that is loud or super active. He needs a quieter home where he can decompress and just relax on the couch or at a window. Calm energy is where he thrives. Overall, Kimchi will make a wonder companion in the right setting with the right people.


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