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Milo is part cat, part dog, and all bunny! He just wants to be your best friend. He’s a French Lop, almost a year old, and a big boy at 10 lbs. Milo is smart, curious, and affectionate. He loves to follow his hoomins all around the house. He gets under-foot sometimes so it’s important to watch out! Luckily he’s hardly a wallflower and always makes his presence known, especially if the promise of Twinklenose treats is involved. 


Milo has been an indoor free-roamer and he loves his freedom. He likes constant attention and gets lonesome when he’s left on his own. He is best suited to someone who works from home. He will lounge next to his hoomins during the day, and nap behind his favorite chair. He dislikes being confined and will need to have a lot of space and attention. When he’s left in an enclosed space, boredom sets in. He will occupy himself by flipping his water bowl, tossing his food dish, digging in blankets, and shifting his pen across the floor in an effort to escape. He has great litter box habits and is not destructive except for one thing: cords! Make sure to cover cords and keep them out of sight because the lure of the “spicy hay” is just too overpowering! 


Milo is very strong and probably not well-suited for a home with children. Like most bunnies, he does not like to be held, but Milo will happily flop next to you on the couch and soak up lots of cuddle time. He gets along with bunny-friendly cats. He’s almost a bit too fearless and could be hurt by a dog. He may not be a fit for a home with a dog unless the dog is on the smaller side and has lived with big buns before.


Do you have the perfect home for a gorgeous boy with the most endearing ears on earth? Hop over to the Rabbit Advocates website to learn more about the adoption process and fill out an application!