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In shelter Dog

Spring, Texas, 77373
Pet name:
Great Pyrenees
Coat length:
Hello! My name is Atticus. My foster parents like to call me Atty, Atty, Atticus. There is so very much to tell you about me. I was born around July 2020 and weigh 68lbs. I am a Great Pyrenees mix and will get a little bigger. I should end up around 75-85 lbs.

Very little is known about my history. The very kind people at GPRS took me in and made sure I made it up to Oregon to try to find me a forever home.

I am so very sweet and give lots of puppy kisses. Beds are my very favorite place to be. I’m even willing to share with you. I enjoy being outside. I have lots of fur, and it gets hot, and I like to keep an eye on my property. I love to lay underneath the trees for long periods of time. I come in to check in but need to have a yard where I can comfortably be outside as much as I want.

I like to have toys, and I like to have bones. I love playing with my foster canine siblings, who are 1 and 2 years old. I don’t even mind that one of them herds me around the yard. We run and chase and wrestle and have the best time. I need to have another playful dog to ensure I continue to flourish and more easily adapt to my forever home.

I am treat motivated, and I take them ever so gently. I like my meals, and I am not a fussy eater. I sit on command, and I lay down for my food. I walk easily on a leash, and I LOVE to go for walks. I would be a great running or hiking partner. I ride great in a car, and I am completely housebroken, and I know how to use a dog door.

I am a puppy who has not had any consistent love or home until I came to my foster home. I have so much to learn and still have things I am working on and need my new family to help and understand. I was a timid puppy, and I have become so confident and so brave in just a short time. I have learned that new people are treat bearers and good, and now I go up to strangers easily.

I would be best in an adult-only home with parent(s) who are patient, dog savvy, not gone all day long, understanding, and loving. If you have experience with timid dogs, that is a bonus. I need a secure yard. My bravery will continue to get stronger, and I will become even more comfortable with new people and younger kids. Dog savvy older children would be ok as long as they are patient and give me time to get comfortable with them and new surroundings. It is also important to understand you cannot leave doors and gates open. I am a little too interested in cats, and right now, I want to chase them, so a no-cat home is best. I do dig if there is dirt because I like to have a nest to lay in, put toys in (I don’t cover them up, I like to have hoard my babies there), and I may play in the hole with my foster siblings. I will take shoes, socks to chew on if you leave them accessible to me, especially my first couple of weeks because I’m still a puppy. I do not digest any of them, but I will make them unusable (another reason kids are not great). If you leave things lying around, I will get to them.

Being too stern scares me and is completely unnecessary. I need parents who understand how to raise a healthy puppy and when it’s their mistake that I might get into, like chewing on a shoe. I can bring you so much joy and affection, and in so many ways, I am an easy puppy. I need you to be willing to give me space and the home that will allow me to be the best puppy possible.

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Our requirements for puppy adoptions are simple and necessary.

Our puppies are not livestock guardians, they are family pets that live inside of the family home.
Puppies must be placed in homes with a youthful, adult resident dog of similar size. This gives the puppy a mentor and a solid foundation for becoming part of the family.
Puppies are only adopted to homes with someone at home at least part of the day. If no one is home for 6-8 hours at a time, please do not apply.
Preference is always given to those with Great Pyrenees experience.
Applicants must have secure, visible fencing and a socialization plan in place.
The fastest way to be considered for a puppy is to fill out an application. Adoption is not first come, first served. GPRS and its fosters work diligently to find the right fit for each and every unique dog and puppy.
Applicant’s personal pets must be current on vaccines & heartworm/flea prevention and be altered.

Adoption fee: $450 (Adoption fee includes spay/neuter, heartworm test, rabies, distemper, parvo and health certificate for travel). Northwest adopters pay the cost of transport to independent transport service ($225).

GPRS has proudly placed thousands of Great Pyrenees and GP mixes in the PNW for over a decade. Our volunteers have over 100 years combined experience fostering, screening, and placing this majestic breed into loving, forever homes. When adopting from us, you can rest assured that we provide life-long support and advice when it comes to your new family member. As always, our purpose is to find the best match for every unique dog that comes through our doors. Taking the time to find the right fit comes first and foremost at the Great Pyrenees Rescue Society. If you are interested in adopting, please take the time, and apply. You will see firsthand how much care, attention and love goes into the process, when you are guided a personal screener. This is why we have people come back again and again for their next family member! See all our dogs, fill out an application and discover why we are the BEST at placing the right dog in the right home!

ADOPTION, FOSTERING, AND DONATIONS are just some of the ways you can help a rescued dog. We have worked hard to cultivate a large network of volunteers to save this majestic breed. While monetary donations are always much appreciated, you can also help by donating your time as a GPRS foster or volunteer.

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