Charlie Beckett PetFest   

In shelter Dog

Cuba, Allegany County, New York, Unit...
Hound, Border Collie, Mixed
Tricolor (Tan, Brown & Black & White)
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Charlie Beckett PetFest
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Beckett was born about June 11, 2019 and weighs about 72 lbs. but it wouldn't hurt for him to drop a few and we feel that will come easily with his next home having a fenced yard and another fun dog to play with.  He has not met any children, but can't imagine a problem and he loved going to doggie daycare in his previous home.  He is beautifully house trained and is fine on leash and in the car.  As with any Hound he was wanderlust if allowed.  Charlie had excellent veterinary care and it was discovered he has an environmental or food allergy.  He has been taking a generic (cetirizine hydrochloride) Zyrtec daily and it was recommended he start taking one Apoquil tablet a day.  He has been eating a hydrolyzed food which is impossible for us to feed separate here unless they are kenneled and we surely don't want to do that to him so I guess we'll find out if it's a food allergy or environmental.  Of course, it's also possible our environment may not have the same allergens as the previous environment.  If he worsens he will be seeing Dr. Beningo the doggie dermatologist in the Buffalo area to diagnose exactly what he is allergic to - it's really so much easier than guessing.  He had a lovely home with an in-ground pool, but he is not a swimmer.  Until the pandemic he was taught to greet guests well at the door, but with fewer guests he became more excited and will need a bit of work in that area again.  He is outwardly friendly and responds to basic commands of sit, down, stay, paw, leave it, touch and is very treat motivated.  He has trouble with the come command...he's a hound.  He is fine about crating and loves to fetch and play with chew toys and the day is done Charlie LOVES his snuggle time with his humans - he loved his humans!  He left here as a baby puppy and by now you must be asking why this delightful dog is back so here comes the bad part.  He loves to dig, eat plants and bushes and chase birds.  "He has ruined many rugs, plants and bushes, and has dug so many holes we've run out of fencing and rocks."  There was no other dog in the home and the persons were late 60's early 70's they admit he was just not getting his two year old activity needs met and the home was in turmoil.  He could not be broken of stealing such things as paper, rugs, towels and socks and he is so smart that he uses his paws to open door with lever door knobs!  I'm not at all surprised to hear how smart he is as my 75 y/o sister and her husband have his sibling and they ADORE her and have always said she's very intelligent.  She is active and does love to play with other dogs.  Like Charlie she will whine when she wants something and often that is to go play with the neighbor dog when he is outside with his mom.  She will bring her here to the rescue and we put her in with another rough and tumble fun dog and she has a ball.  Hopefully we can get the two of them back together before Charlie leaves us again.  We'll do updated photos and leave one puppy pic so you can see how adorable he was and how handsome he has become! The Adoption Fee for this dog is $400.00. Adoptions fees vary based on adoptability. In general our fees include spay/neuter, all age appropriate vaccines, Home Again micro-chipping & registration, worming & flea control - a "complete" pet. We accept CASH or Visa/Mastercard ONLY.    Joyful Rescues has no funding except for our adoption fees and miscellaneous donations. Pet care and vet bills are expensive - you must be ready to take on this financial (as well as emotional) responsibility. YOU MUST BE AT LEAST 25 YEARS OF AGE TO ADOPT A DOG FROM JOYFUL RESCUES   We keep our pet list as up-to-date as possible. As soon as a pet is adopted, it is removed from the list. If a pet is still showing, it is still available for adoption.   Can't Adopt Me?  SPONSOR ME Look for the Link "Special Instructions to Seller" if you want to note a particular pet Before you seek to adopt a pet from Joyful Rescues, please read our Pet Adoption page Online Application


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