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Crystal, Minnesota, 55429
Hound, Mixed
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Did I catch your eye? Learn more about me by reading my profile below; I just might be your new best friend! Apply on our website ( https://www.healingheartsrescue.org/adopt )  to  set up a private meeting or check below for my adoption event schedule. Age: 1.5 years Weight: 40 pounds Dog friendly: depends  Cat friendly: Yes  Kid friendly: Yes, older children only Potty trained: Does very well after initial adjustment Crate trained: No   Jupiter is the BEST BOY! He loves to be included in things, sniff everything, and be cuddled. He had a rough first year, and is due some unconditional love and affection. He will make this easy for you. He may think he's a cat. He likes to sit on laps, and would be thrilled with a family that allowed him to sleep in bed with them or at least have his own special chair (see pics). He seems pretty good with other dogs--male and female, but can sometimes be dog selective. He is non-reactive on leash and such a good boy. We've tested him with a few, including two boys at a dog park, where he had the time of his life. However, he sometimes isn't a fan of new dogs getting up in his space and might prefer to not live with any male dogs.  He doesn't seem too easily agitated, but does bark when the teenagers come and go in the middle of the night...I don't like this either, so no judgment, Jupey! He had a few accidents in the house when we first got him, but that problem seems to have abated. We are taking him out very often to make sure there are no more accidents, though. I suspect this is an area for caution in the beginning.  He seems easily trainable. He sits, gets down, comes when called (inside, not so great at the dog park), fetches, and is working on stay and leave it. He has zero interest in joining you on the stand-up paddleboard, however.    Adoption Fee: $325   INTERESTED IN MEETING ME? If you’d like to arrange a private meeting or begin the adoption process, please fill out an adoption application by visiting    https://www.healingheartsrescue.org/adopt   **Note on breed and age determination:  Breed and age are often determined on appearance, our own knowledge, veterinarian advice, and/or information from the sending shelters or previous owners.  Most of our adoptable dogs were previously stray dogs with little history, we can’t be 100% sure of a dog’s breed mix, and unless there is a specific date of birth listed, we can’t be 100% sure of a dog’s age. Additionally, our assessments of a dog's interactions with other dogs, cats, or children are based on OUR experiences. Your experience may differ.   ADOPTION FEE INCLUDES: Wellness check Spay/neuter (puppies adopted with required spay/neuter certificate) Age appropriate vaccines - rabies as required by law and distemper combo or proof of positive titer test Heartworm test if over 7 months of age Fecal test and/or deworming for parasites Microchip ​ ~ Healing Hearts rescue will also provide dental procedures, bloodwork, surgeries, and/or any other additional vet work as needed while dogs are in our care. ​~ Adoption fees are non-negotiable and fees are listed on the dog's profile   ~ Adoption fees can be paid the following ways with the required sales tax (7.525%) added: PayPal Credit Card Cash WANT TO HELP SAVE MORE DOGS?   Healing Hearts Rescue is a nonprofit, foster-based rescue located in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota that  is 100% funded through adoption fees and donations .  We are excited for you to join us on this mission to save the lives of dogs in need.   We believe every dog deserves to be loved as true members of a family and are committed to fulfilling that dream one dog at a time! Sign up to foster, volunteer or donate on our website Healing Hearts rescue will also provide dental procedures, bloodwork, surgeries, and/or any other additional vet work as needed while dogs are in our care.  


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