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In shelter Dog

Saint Louis Park, Hennepin County, Mi...
Pet name:
Labrador Retriever, Mixed
Brown, Chocolate
Coat length:
Thank you for stopping by to see me!   Please check below to see what upcoming adoption events I will be attending or apply here for a private meeting.  If you have other questions about me you can email Underdog Rescue at <> ***Be sure to check your spam/junk folder as sometimes our emails end up there***


DOB:  11/14/2020

Requires another dog in home: Yes

Okay with dogs of all sizes: Yes

Okay with cats: Unknown, but has outdoor prey-drive

Okay with children under 12 years old: Yes

Requires a fenced yard:     
Yes, not leash trained

Note: dogs must always be leashed whenever outside of a contained area. 

Invisible/ underground fencing is not recommended for most rescue dogs.

Hi there.  I’m Remmie.  Who are you?  I’m a puppy.  Are you a hooman?  I like hoomans!  I’m a 25 pound Terrier/Retriever.  I love attention especially if it is with hoomans!!!!  I love hoomans so much.  I just like to be close to them all the live long day.  I am a very friendly dude who loves to play.  I have a foster brother who is my same age and we play play play.  I also like to do licks.  You see I heard once at the watering dish that kisses mean you love things and since I love things I better make sure they know.  So you see, I just give licks. 

When you meet me you’ll see I’m a tripawd.  But don’t you fret one little thing about that because I’m pawsome if I do say so myself!!!!  I don’t let a little amputation stop me.  Nosireedog!!!  I can do anything I wants…walk, run, even stairs!!! 

I have done some barkage at times.  You see there were some other doggos who came to our house and I was doing serious barkage.  It surprised my foster mom you see because normally I’m a very distinguished and mild mannered gentleman.  But she just took me to a different room and I quieted right down.  I think I was just tryin to protect my foster parents you see.  I mean did I mention to you how much I love my hoomans?  Well I do and who knows what those other doggos might have been thinking!  Normally, like I said, I’m rather quite.  But if I’m alarmed, you’ll know it! 

I like me some bones and bully sticks.  I also like those kong things with peanut butter.  Do you have peanut butter?  Do you know where we can get some?  I tell you, it is delicious!!!!!

I have met some small hoomans too and I am good with those as well.  I also do my business outside like a good boy.  I’m not so sure about the crate though.  That might take me some more practice.  I love me some outside time too where I can do walkies and zoomies.  I have a fenced yard right now and I just love it so.  I think if I didn’t have  one in my furever home that I might get sad.  So if you’re thinking of meeting me I really hope you have a fenced in yard.  I can do walkies on the leash but since my bum leg had to go I’ve not really done very many on a count of the resting and healing you see.  And I still pull a bit on the leash so that will take more practice too! 

Oh, did I tell you that I know what “go potty” means?  Yep I do!!!!  Isn’t that grrrrreat?  Yupper, I am one smart little dude. 

I really like my foster brother.  We get along great.  I’m not so sure about other doggos though.  We’d have to just try I guess.  But will you hold my paw if I get scared?  This whole new foster world is fun and exciting but some things can still be scary.  I think I’d like to be with a furever family that had another doggo for me to play with and snuggle with.  Snuggles are the bestest ever aren’t they?  Not sure if the size or gender matters.  I can snuggle with big or small! 

I haven’t met any of those other furry things.  You know, kitties?  Yeah, never met one of those.  I do tend to get very excited when I see the bunnies outside though.  So we may have to think about if I should have a kitty brother or sister.  Even though I’m but a wee little pup, I still have a high prey drive! 

So basically, I think you should know that I’m a very sweet and loving boy.  My foster mom says I’m an “easy dog”.  Not sure what that means but I think it’s a good thing.  The more comfortable I get the more independent I will get too.  But don’t you worry about missing out on snuggles and licks because I really really love to be by my hoomans.  So, if you’re a hooman who knows where to get peanut butter and who loves to snuggle and get kisses, then I’m the dude for you.  I hope I get to meet you soon!  

Some of our dogs are obtained from commercial breeders where they spent their lives getting comfort from their canine friends. Others have come from various situations where they are lacking confidence in humans. In turn, most require another companion dog in their forever home in order for them to feel safe. If you are interested in a particular dog, and do not currently have a dog residing with you, please understand that your home might not be the right fit for many of our dogs.


This puppy requires an application fee. This fee must be paid within 24 hours or your application will be considered void. 
We will not review or contact applicants that have not completed the payment portion.

Puppy Applications will be responded to within 5 business days, after receipt of the application fee. 
Please understand that paying the fee does not guarantee you will be approved to adopt the puppy. Our goal is place puppies in homes that are suited for their individual needs. You may be willing and able to provide a great home, but if it doesn’t meet the specific needs of the puppy, we will not approve your application.

We accept applications for puppies until we have a candidate that meets all of the requirements needed for the specific puppy and they have been contacted to review the adoption process as well as agree to all of the terms to move forward.


***Be sure to check your spam/junk folder as sometimes our emails end up there*** 


Adoption events are updated as the foster home RSVP's to attend. Check back for updates on which events they will be attending. Please understand that all of our pets are in volunteer foster homes and sometimes "life" happens and the foster family cannot make it to their scheduled adoption event. If you are traveling from a far distance to meet a specific animal, please understand we cannot guarantee event attendance. You may wish to consider applying and setting up a private appointment. Private appointments are only scheduled after an application is submitted and approved.



The first step in our process is to complete an online adoption application on our website:


Note: In most circumstances Underdog Rescue will only adopt within 60 miles of Minneapolis, MN. 

All of our foster animals can be seen by appointment with an approved adoption application. Contact us at if you have further questions.



All of our animals are fostered in individual homes or doggie daycare facilities. While they are in our care, they are part of our families and given lots of love. We work on training, crate-training and socialization prior to adoption. Each animal's behavior is evaluated and we have a sense of its temperament and personality. We look for adopters who will give each animal the wonderful life and permanent home that he or she deserves. If you have an interest and ability to be a foster home, please visit our website
 and fill out a foster application.



Nutrition is vital to the rehabilitation and life-long health of our pets.  All of our foster animals are fed a premium diet such as NutriSource, Canidae, Orijen, Nature's Variety, Fromm, Pure Vita, Stella and Chewy's, Primal, or balanced raw diet.  All adopters are required to continue providing premium diets for the life of the animal.



Not able to foster or adopt right now? Please consider sponsoring an Underdog. Your donation will help us buy dog food and pay for medical costs. Visit this link
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