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Lionhead, Lop Eared, Mixed
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Meet our littlest wizard, Gandalf, straight outta Middle-earth! When he's not busy casting spells and saving the realm from Certain Doom, Gandalf loves to sit with his favorite hoomins while they read their favorite fantasy novels. He recommends Tolkien, naturally, and George R.R. Martin is a close second. Gandalf the Bunny will happily wax poetic for hours, comparing and contrasting the relative merits of the books versus the movies.  Like Gandalf the Grey of Lord of the Rings legend, Gandalf the Bunny has both serious and playful sides. He enjoys binkying through the "Shire" (aka his bedroom) where he reigns supreme. He loves to have plenty of space to zoom and flop dramatically. This handsome boy loves a good nap, and has become more comfortable and more active with his foster humans. He even honks when he's excited about treats. He’s quite the entertainer. Like most wizards, Gandalf the Bunny seems quite content to be a solo bun. Who has time for dating when the Dark Lord Sauron and his nasty army of orcs are pillaging the land? Gandalf prefers to focus on making sure his world is just the way he manifests it to be. Gandalf the Bunny does get along with friendly cats and may be amenable to small, quiet dogs. Children may not embrace his independent streak and his love of esoteric philosophical debates. In a calm adult home, he will become increasingly comfortable, active, and trusting over time.  Born in early June of 2020, Gandalf the Bunny is nearly full-grown at just under 4lbs. His father is a tiny lionhead and his mother is a small sable lop. As a result, Gandalf’s ears and mane almost seem to take on a life of their own. Attracted by the seductive puissance of electrical power, Gandalf the Bunny has been known to annihilate cords and will put any Muggle’s bunny-proofing skills to the test. He also feels strongly that being picked up and carried about is undignified for such a magnificent bunny. If you would like to call this little love your “precious”, mosey on over to the Rabbit Advocates website to learn more about the adoption process and fill out an application!


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