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Rodney is one cool dude. If bunnies could wear sunglasses and drive tiny convertibles, you’d find Rodney cruising down Highway 101 in a little red Corvette. You can’t look away from this kid with his luscious locks flying in the breeze. Given his stunning good looks, it’s surprising he’s as modest as he is. “Who me?” he asks, “I just woke up this way.” He’s like a much nicer version of James Spader’s characters from every 80’s teen movie: devilishly handsome and without a care in the world. 

Rodney enjoys just hanging out. He loves having his own “home base” and the freedom to come and go as he pleases. Most of the time, you will find him lounging a few feet outside of his sizable enclosure. Just like every accidental hero, Rodney is looking for a special lady to call his own. He dated a lovely leading lady for a bit, but he's barely out of bunny adolescence and got a bit overly excited and couldn't contain his "enthusiasm". Let's just say the lady bun was not impressed! Rodney loves to snuggle with his humans too, so if the right lady doesn’t hop into his life just yet, he’s open to living the single life for awhile. If he does date again, he will need a patient, mellow lady who can handle his initial exuberance.

Rodney's foster family has cats, dogs, and children of all ages and sizes and he gets along with everybody. For a bunny so small and only about a year old, he is pretty fearless. Found hopping around outside a church on his own, this lionhead bunny is tiny but mighty. He has no issues hanging out with the big dogs (literally). Rodney has a beautiful mane that need to be brushed regularly by his very own glam squad. After all, this little lionhead is king and should be treated as such. 

Do you have the perfect home for Rodney?  Have you already walked in on your lonely lady bun swiping right on his profile? Fire up your sports car and head to the Rabbit Advocates website to learn more about the adoption process and fill out an application!


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