Squeek *Fostered with Dogs and Cats!*   

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Village of Clarkston, Oakland County,...
Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Mixed
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Squeek *Fostered with Dogs and Cats!*
Meet Squeek!  If you look up awesome in the dictionary, you might just find a picture of him.  He is roughly 1 year old and under 40 pounds. He cannot wait to be your best friend! BUT before you can become besties, he needs to be reassured you are awesome. Squeek has not always been treated kindly by humans in the past, so he is a bit hesitant meeting new people, which is totally understandable. He is looking for a home without a lot of foot traffic, but he would love another dog buddy to play with!  Squeek loves going for walks, all types of playing, and spending time with his people. He enjoys boat rides and can self entertain (and keep you entertained!) with toys! If you are committed to loving, training and creating a safe place for Squeek, please fill out an application and his foster mom will reach out.  We do not have a facility for you to visit.  WE PROCESS APPLICANTS AND SET APPOINTMENTS BASED ON THE ORDER APPLICATIONS ARE RECEIVED , so while you are welcome to email  ccrcdogs@ccrcdogs.com with specific questions, you will want to complete the  ONLINE APPLICATION ASAP ,  which can be found at www.ccrcdogs.com, to secure your position in line for one of our dogs. You can also find  a description of our process on that same page. Puppies will not be available to be seen until their 10 day quarantine has passed. Our adoption fee is $200 for adults and $275 for puppies, which covers the cost of the spay/neuter, age appropriate shots and tests, medications to bring the dog to full health, and a free visit with one of our approved vets after adoption. The majority of dogs at CCRC are obtained from animal control centers, so there is often very little known about their history or even current habits. You can always expect to do some training, regardless of whether you adopt a dog or a puppy, including crate training, house training, and basic manners. CCRC provides a variety of materials and resources to assist you with this, as well as telephone support.  


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