*RocketMan EltonJohn -- SUNSET CLUB   

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Pittsburg, California, 94565
Poodle, Mixed
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*RocketMan EltonJohn -- SUNSET CLUB
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     ~13 yr old, 10 lb Toy Poodle Mix for SUNSET CLUB ADOPTION Please ensure all adoption inquiries mention very specific details about this very extensive bio  "And I think it's gonna be a long, long time 'Til touchdown brings me 'round again to find I'm not the man they think I am at home Oh, no, no, no I'm a rocket man Rocket man, burning out his fuse up here alone" -- Elton John   Meet Rocketman! He is the newest member of our Sunset Club and who needs a compassionate unicorn adopter   Rocketman is a ~12 yr old, 10 lb Toy Poodle Mix who joins us from Los Banos Animal Shelter   Rocketman is vaccinated, microchipped and free of parasites. He will be neutered and will have a dental cleaning at the beginning of June. He is a little bit senile which is worse at night and he has some anxiety medication that he can take as needed for this.   His senior labwork shows that he is healthy. He is on two very cheap medications for arthritis (around $6/month total per GoodRx) and will come with a several month supply and prescriptions to take to the pharmacy of your choice with refills good for one year at your cost.   (Many of our senior dogs are on arthritis meds because just like people over the age of 40 often have aches and pains, so do dogs. "Not treating" is not the same as "not needing" for all of the people who constantly ask us why our dogs are on arthritis meds when many other shelter/rescue dogs are not.)   He is on the schedule to get groomed and all potential adopters should be aware that he will need regular professional grooming (usually runs around $50 + tip) every 4-6 weeks   His foster mom says this about him   "Rocket man is a small fluffy little old man.   He just wanders around in his own little world and grumbles. Especially if he sees himself in the mirror lol.   He’s a little hard at seeing and hearing.   He has a hard time eating but loves to (will probably improve after dental)   Crates okay but grumbles and whines a little. If I need to do this, I have been giving him his sedative/anxiety medication and he relaxes   Fine around other dogs just grumbles at first. Likely the same with cats.   This dog would probably do best with kids aged 10+ who are more 'tea-party' than 'superhero' but we do not have strict age rules as all children are different"   He is fostered in the SF Bay Area of CA and will only be available locally for foster-to-adopt for the next month (through 6/7/21) while he heals. After that, we will adopt him to people willing to come to him to adopt for 30 days. If he has not been adopted by 7/7/21, we will consider transporting him to major US airports for flexible adopters willing to work with the volunteer flight attendants who escort them in-cabin on STANDBY flights in their spare time.   If you would like to adopt please send a THOROUGH email that mentions DETAILS FROM THIS BIO to beourpet@gmail.com   If you cannot adopt, but would like to make a tax-deductible (EIN 45-4103375) towards his care please do so on this post if this is an option or by one of these   www.paypal.me/UOH Zelle beourpet@gmail.com Venmo umbrellaof-hoperescue   There is no adoption fee for this dog (application required and regular adoption criteria apply).   You can also buy Umbrella of Hope merchandise where you not only advertise our cause with cute clothes, but the proceeds also benefit our medical fund — at tinyurl.com/pineappletee   We have an Etsy store where all proceeds benefit our medical fund at https://www.etsy.com/shop/Umbrellaofhope   Amazon Wish List https://a.co/2sALMwd   #savingwhilequarantine #quarantinebutsavetheanimals     #socialdistancingplus1  #socialdistancingwithpaws #pawsonsocialdistancing   #adoptionsinCOVID19   #dontquarantinealone    #quarantinebuddy    #wereinthistogether   #startastoryadopt #shelterpetlove #uohstrong   GENERAL INFO:   Housebroken?: Working on it Crate Trained?: Yes Leash Trained?: Prefers a stroller Rides Well in Car?: Yes Non-Shedding?: Yes likely Good with cats?: Yes, probably Good with dogs?: Yes Qualifies for Seniors for Seniors?: No adoption fee for anyone for this dog (application required) Umbrella of Hope does not have any strict rules on ages of children because all children are different, but our best approximation is that this animal would do best with children over the age of 10 Umbrella of Hope is an all-volunteer, donation-run, non-profit animal rescue based out of Pittsburg, CA that rescues animals from local shelters, places them in private foster homes, provides them with needed medical care and then finds them new homes.  Also, ask us about our seniors for seniors program, where we adopt animals 5 years or older to qualified homes with a $5 donation as an adoption fee. All animals are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, treated for parasites and given any additional treatments (dental work, bloodwork etc) as recommended by our vet.  Adoptions to veterans of the US Armed Services are ALWAYS free to thank you for your service.   We thank Well Pet Vet Clinic for providing most of our veterinary services and give a special thanks to volunteer photographers Tanya, Barbara, Kristy, Christine, Teressa and Natalie.  We are on all social media at @umbrellaofhope and we invite you to follow us and share which helps more people see and adopt our pets.  To help our ALL VOLUNTEER team rescue more senior, special needs, medically needy and hospice animals (and a few "typical" ones along the way, please consider making a tax-deductible (TAX ID 45-4103375) donation online at www.paypal.me/UOH or Venmo @umbrellaof-hoperescue or Zelle beourpet@gmail.com.   You can also buy tees, tanks. sweatshirts, hats and bandannas where all proceeds benefit our animals https://ruff-life-rescue-wear.myshopify.com/collections/umbrella-of-hope We also have an Etsy store where the merchandise is made by volunteers and supporters, changes regularly and 100% of the proceeds benefit our medical fund https://www.etsy.com/shop/Umbrellaofhope Amazon Wish List tinyurl.com/pineapplewish  


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