Fetch a Corgi-Rat Terrier mix   

In shelter Dog

Arlington, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Coun...
Rat Terrier, Corgi, Mixed
White with Black
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Fetch a Corgi-Rat Terrier mix
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FETCH Is the sweetest and smartest dog I have met in a while. If you are seeking a sweet, loyal dog and have time to commit to a dog who really needs a human to bond with, this boy is looking for you. Do you work from home or retired, have experience with rescue dogs and have a friendly little dog already in your home?  You may have just met your match.  Meet Fetch.  Fetch is the sweetest, smartest dog we have met in a while. Fetch needs a very dedicated person or people in his life.  This little guy spent 5 years of his life mostly in a small yard with another small dog.  5 months before he was relinquished, he lost his dog friend.  Then he lost his family.  Fetch is turning 6 in the month of June 2021. Fetch wants nothing more than your unconditional love and daily walks.  This guy loves to walk and he also likes to play fetch.  He loves to be close to his favorite human.  Fetch wants to be wherever you are and will snuggle close.  He is very curious about your daily activities and will follow you throughout the house. Fetch does get overstimulated with busy areas so he will need a quieter neighborhood and some professional positive reinforcement training to help him adjust to being exposed to the outside world.  He would love a nice big yard to run and play in or just relax in the sun.  He needs a human or humans that will be dedicated and not give up on him. Fetch is such a sweet boy.  Once he bonds, you can look in his eyes and see a gentle sweet soul who just wants to be loved.  Fetch is happy to live indoors and be able to snuggle on the couch next to a human.  Fetch has been a perfect gentleman in his foster home.  This little guy is such a good boy and really seeks love and cuddles.  He's been a perfect gentleman with his dog foster brothers and sister.  Having other dogs around really helps with his separation anxiety.  He is not destructive, however, he will wait by the door until his human comes home.  He has also done well with the man in the home so he can live with a patient loving gentleman.  He could live with a dog-savvy child as well.  What Fetch needs most is a family who will not give up on him and dedicate some time and energy into training.  To apply for Fetch, please use the link below and send photos of the yard, the interior of the home and a picture of your current fur baby to  csalvati123@gmail.com .  If you currently don't have another dog but are open to adopting a friend for Fetch, we can help match him with a friend. He really does need a second dog. Fetch was so named because he loves to run the length of a yard to fetch a ball and return it. We have a massive yard here, the likes of which he has never seen and he loves to run it. He is now in great physical shape and very muscled up.  Fetch is being fed a Raw diet and dehydrated Human Grade Canine Diet. We will cover Canine Nutrition and species-specific foods with his adopter.If Fetch is listed, he is available.  Please fill out an online application using the link below.  You will need a computer. His adoption fee is $650.00 https://rompinpawsrescue.rescuegroups.org/forms/  


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