In shelter Dog

Cushing, Oklahoma, 74023
Spaniel, Mixed
White with Tan, Yellow or Fawn
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If you need more info please email. We don't call you, email only. cimarronhumane@yahoo.com. Read the message under the animal bio it will answer some of your questions. I work on the sites everyday and keep them updated.  Be sure to add us to your contact list on email or we could be trying to email you and it could go to spam.Happy Buster is a handsome 4 year old Spaniel mix. He weighs approximately 35lbs. He is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and heartworm negative. Adoptable to Oklahoma only.   Message from Buster's foster!   I am Busters foster mom. I was going to explain a little bit about Busters background/history and current special needs. While more than anything I want him to find his forever home for his safety and others it will need to be a just right fit.  Buster was adopted out as a cute tiny puppy with his sister. The family sadly did Buster and his sister a huge disservice and did not socialize them at all. When the family divorced they returned Bella and Buster to rescue. Sadly both seem to have fearful tendencies due to this lack of socialization during the critical puppy stage.  Buster loves me and after a year finally loves my mom and sisters. However when my brother comes over he is very fearful and barks and runs and hides in his kennel. I have tried introducing him to guys I work with and he is fearful Of them too.  I think if pushed hard enough he may nip due to this fear although he has never done so yet as I keep interactions with strangers controlled and limited. I have to drug him in order to take him to the vet due to his fear. At home with a single person he loves he is perfect outside the home he is a nervous wreck.   Buster is crate trained/ house trained to a doggy door and loving to his person. He plays with the other dogs. He is a perfect dog beyond his irrational fear of other humans.  Buster will not be a dog some will meet for the first time and he will have a connection. He will be extremely fearful of a new person. The way I see Buster working is being dropped off at adopters house and him staying a weekend to see if he can bond. This is where distance concerns me. It would be nearly impossible for me to take him and pick up out of state due to my schedule.   He must have a fenced yard to keep him safe.  His adoption fee is $95.00     We are foster based only (No shelter) you can't just drive up here and get a pet. If you are interested in a animal fill out the form, not a binding contract to adopt. This is how we get your information to the foster, most of our foster live in the Stillwater Ok. Area. Application to meet                                                                                       https://form.jotform.com/200005720739042  We do adopt out of state but we do not ship animals, If you want to adopt one of our animals, you must come to pick them up in Oklahoma. 


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