In shelter Cat

Pensacola, Escambia County, Florida, ...
Tabby, Domestic Short Hair
Orange (Mostly)
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Pumpkin is one of four kittens found living under the hood of someone's car.  The owner was not able to drive her car for three months until they were all caught and spayed/neutered. Pumpkin's sister Gracie took a ride all the way from Pensacola to Milton stuck in the car! They had to use baby oil to get her out and then she ran off and they couldn't find her. When the lady arrived back home, she popped out from under the car!  Thankfully, they are safe inside now and they are ready to find a new family they can call their own.      Pumpkin's foster mom says Pumpkin is still working on building his confidence.  He is very shy when she first comes into the kitty room where they are being fostered, but as soon as she sits down and starts playing with a toy or ball, he comes out and plays and plays!  Not knowing what he went through under the car before he was rescued, it's easy to understand why he is taking his time to check things out before he comes running out to greet you.     He would do best in a home that doesn't have loud noises or children running around. He is definitely getting more comfortable every day and when you pet him, he arches his back in response for more scratches and purrs while keeping one eye open for a safe spot to hide in case he feels overwhelmed.  One of his favorite toys is the scratcher with the little ball you push around for him to chase.  He really seems to enjoy that toy! Oh, and anything he can chase on a stick!  He really likes the interaction and every day it makes him feel more and more confident.    He is a handsome ginger boy and we know he would make an awesome pet for someone who will be patient with him up front.  There is nothing more rewarding than to see them turn that corner when they find their human--the one that makes them feel safe and loved.  He's ready to find that special someone to adopt him and love him.     If you would like to meet Pumpkin,  please mention it on your adoption application and we can set up a good time for the two of you to meet.  Pumpkin's siblings are also available for adoption at this time, so if you   would be interested in talking with us about adopting one of his siblings at the same time, please reach out and let us know.  T here's never any obligation to just come and say hello.   Before you meet any of our wonderful cats or kittens, please fill out one of our Cat Adoption Applications on our main webpage at http://everettanimalwelfare.rescuegroups.org.  There is a link to our applications at the top of the page. You can also contact us at eawg.adoption@gmail.com if you have any other questions. Please let us know if you are interested in meeting Pumpkin or any of his siblings.    


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