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In shelter Cat

Sarasota, FL, 34231
Pet name:
American Shorthair
Gray & White
Coat length:
Our rescue got a call last summer from a lady about a super-friendly kitty whod shown up outside her home. Shed begun feeding the kitty, but after several weeks, she said the kitty looked ill. She didnt have nor could she afford a vet.
Our volunteer rushed out, picked this kitty up, and brought her to our vet. The vet found a distended full colon; an infected rear end; and upon doing x-rays, discovered a bullet in her abdomen. This bullet had left nerve damage leading to the kittys tail. This sweet girl was treated by the vet and returned to her feeder, who nicknamed her Angel.
Unfortunately, about a month later, the lady called back and said Angel again looked severely ill and needed medical assistance. This poor girl was covered in more fleas than we have ever seen and was dying of anemia. We sent her to Blue Pearl, where she received a blood transfusion that saved her life.
A vet tech fell in love with Angel and renamed her Lillykins. Lillykins could never be returned to the feeders property, and heartbreakingly, this new placement wasnt successful either. We found a foster for her for the time being.
The vet suspected that Lillykins had megacolon, and if not observed on a daily basis, and regulated with a special diet, megacolon can be fatal. She was returned to the vet and the decision was made that she undergo surgery for megacolon. The vets removed the colon, minimizing Lillykins risk of death and giving her an increased chance at a long and healthy life. They also removed the bullet in her abdomen!
This surgery cost several thousands of dollars to perform, but despite the monumental effort made to save her life, Lillykins still doesnt have a home or family to return to. In spite of her struggles, she is the friendliest and most lovable cat we have ever met, and we are fighting for her. She will always have soft stool and require a special diet, but is low maintenance as far as special needs cats are concerned. Her ideal placement would see her exploring outside during the day in a safe environment and sleeping inside with a loving family at night.
Please contribute! Please adopt! Please help our sweet Lillykins find her forever home!
We are a rescue. Our job is to help and rehome the cats who need us. Lets be the change we want to see in the world, one kitty at a time.

contribution requested for her adoption . . . please help!


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