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In shelter Dog

North Vancouver , BC, V7G 1B9
Pet name:
American Staffordshire Terrier
***Please note you will need to meet at the Peace Arch Park at the Canada/US border***

Tolberone, 4 years old, spayed female, Staffordshire Terrier mix, 70 lbs. She is in a foster home in Houston, Texas and can transport to an approved adopter. 

Tolberone was surrendered to a high kill shelter in Texas with two other dogs (male and female). They were all kenneled together when we rescued them from euthanasia. 

She is in a home with her two friends and several other adult dogs. She tends to put the male in his place and "mothers" the young female in the group. She met a couple other male dogs in the home and has done well. We think she would do best in a home with submissive dogs. She redirects very easily. 

She is a calmer dog with low/moderate energy. She loves to stand on her back feet and paws with her front feet when you give her attention itโ€™s really cute. We are trying to get a video of her doing this! 

She is walked in a harness and does pull. She could use some consistent leash work to improve this skill.  She will thrive in a home with structure and boundaries. 

Tolberone has not been around cats or kids. We think due to her size, we recommend a home with kids 10 years and older. She is super sweet, but could see her jumping up to say hi and unintentionally knocking over a smaller child. 

She is house broken. She has not shown any food aggression with other dogs or people. No issues with sharing toys, bones or treats. 

We think a low/moderate energy home would be a good match for her. A family that will fine tune her manners and leash skills. She would be great with a submissive dog in the home or would be fine without another dog. She loves pets and is very loving! 

*Listed BREED and AGE - We are taking our best guess & recommendations from our veterinarian on age, breed and size when fully grown. We rarely know a dogs exact age nor are we able to tell the true or full breed mix of dogs as our information is limited most of the time. ***

Interested in applying to adopt her? Fill out an adoption application at the link below!


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