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In shelter Dog

Langley, BC, V4W 1M6
Pet name:
Anatolian Shepherd
White / Cream
Hi there. My name is Bardy (Body, as in bodyguard) and here is a little info about me:
Breed: Anatolian Shepherd mix
Age: 2 years
Gender: female
Weight: 66 lbs
Height: 25 inches

Once upon a time there was this kind woman who used to feed stray dogs like me on a regular basis. I knew this person was my ticket to a better life, so I began to follow her car, running as fast as I could to keep up. I made it my job to be her bodyguard from there on and always found her when she came.

I became a bit of an Instagram star for a video of me galloping beside her moving vehicle. This claim to fame worked: The rescue agency sought me out and took me into their care. It’s a good thing that they did. When I was finally scooped off the streets I was in poor condition. I had to have a tooth removed, my rescuer made sure to check on me, Fortunately, I’ve had good veterinary care and lots of love since then. Now I just need to find my happily ever after in Canada. Can you make my dreams come true?

As my rescue story shows, I will stop at nothing to be with my people. This includes jumping fences. Yaaaah, escape artist, but its only because I want to be with you, not because I want to run away. Please ensure you can spend a lot of time with me and have a secure yard where I can be outside with you.

I would love to become your lifelong companion. I am an expert cuddler. I love hugs and can be in your arms for hours and it still wouldnt be enough. While I have never lived with children, those I have been around are A-ok in my book, mini-hoomans, they give love too. 

My rescuer just visited with me and said: Ahat a loving dog I am. That I love people and am great with strangers and kids.

Energy Level: moderate

I get along with:
Dogs - yes
Cats - unknown
Kids - yes

Prey drive: None observed. My adopter needs to be willing to train me through these behaviours, should they arise.

Fears: not observed.

Training: none
Leash skills: No... Please be prepared to train me.
House trained: No. Please be prepared to help me learn! 

Health notes: I was treated for TVT and am fine now. Part of my tail is missing
I have been spayed/neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

My adoption fee is 750.00 CAD plus applicable taxes. This includes my transportation to Canada, if I am able to be accompanied by a flight volunteer directly to Vancouver.

Disclaimer: It is important for all applicants to visit our website, and read about Loved at Last Dog Rescue.

Information included in the profile is provided to us from the international rescuer or local fosters. LALDR does not have access to overseas dogs and cannot always verify the accuracy of their descriptions. Every dog is an individual and can act differently in different situations based on the person adopting them and the environment in which they live.

Please Note: LALDR highly encourages adopters to research some local dog trainers before their dog arrives. Although a 1-on-1 trainer is often not needed, it is good to have someone in mind in case any problematic behaviors arise. Most bad behaviors can be modified if caught early enough, so make sure to nip undesirable behaviors in the bud before they become serious problems.

Basic training should be taken seriously and should begin a couple weeks after arrival. After your dog has settled in, check out courses in your local area. Even basic beginner courses like those taught at a local pet store can have a huge benefit in helping your dog learn to socialize and get used to being in public situations, all with the added benefit of strengthening their bond with you.

The age and breed of a dog is usually an educated guess, so we are not able to guarantee the accuracy of age or breed of our dogs.

Normally, we will not approve adoptions to homes with children under 12 years of age. However if a dog has been determined to be good with children we will approve applicants with children 8 years or older. More information can be found on our website.


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