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In shelter Dog

Bedford Hills, NY, 10507
Pet name:
Australian Cattle Dog / Blue Heeler
Gray / Blue / Silver
Coat length:
Jazzy immediately wins the hearts of strangers with her friendly, outgoing spirit and striking looks. She’s a beautiful 2 year old 34lb Aussie mix. She loves to be the object of affection, and eagerly returns the love with sweet kisses and hugs. She is very smart, responsive, fun to play with, and smells great! 

She is housebroken, crate trained and eager to learn new things. Jazzy is comfortable quietly lounging around at home for long periods of time or cautiously exploring the world around her on walks. Her forever family should be prepared to ultimately satisfy the exercise and activity demands of her breed, Aussie’s like to be busy. Jazzy’s luxurious coat is soft and silky, and shedding is manageable with daily brushing.

She is still timid when it comes to life in the city and would benefit from being in a home in a quieter environment. She is easily spooked by engine noises and loud mechanical sounds. She flourishes in the country and it seems she would be happiest surrounded by nature. Her shepherd instinct really shone through on a recent visit to a farm, where she sprung to life barking and stomping her feet and wagging her magnificent tail when a cow strayed from its herd!!!  Until she can find a forever home where she can be happy and comfortable, her foster family has been spending a lot of time sitting with her on park benches, sidewalks, yards, and front stoops to help her acclimate to the sights and sounds of different neighborhoods. She is currently learning the “walk” and “stay” commands and also responds to whistles. Although Jazzy likes other dogs she does want to be the center of attention & tends to nudge them out of the way.

She is currently being treated for Lyme’s disease which is a tick borne illness & has caused her to limp a bit, she will be done with her course of medication shortly & should be more energetic & ready to take on the world in her new furever home??

Thank you so much for your interest in adopting a dog from A New Chance Animal Rescue ( We are a 501c3, tax deductible organization. ANCAR is a foster-based rescue, and we adopt within a 90 mile radius of Bedford Hills, NY.  You will find the adoption application here: (  All fields on the application must be completed.  Please read about the adoption process ( so youll know what to expect when you submit.

Our dogs are in foster care and we do NOT have a shelter or boarding facility. AN APPLICATION MUST BE COMPLETED IN FULL AND APPROVED BEFORE A DOG CAN BE MET. This is a firm policy. Our busy volunteers are not able to respond to questions about the dog or dog meeting requests in the absence of an application.  We know these dogs very well because they are in foster care. Please read the profiles of the dog(s) you are interested in prior to submitting an application.  If there are specific requirements stated (ie: Fenced Yard or Canine Friend Required) these are included because they are vital to the happiness, health, safety and adoption success of that dog. 

We are only able to save as many dogs as we have foster homes ( and resources for. We provide medical care including vaccinations, testing, deworming, spaying/neutering and microchipping before transporting our dogs. We provide all supplies, preventatives and any follow up vet care necessary while they are in foster care. These costs are high and the number of lives we can save is entirely dependent upon donations from people like you.  We do not receive funding from private foundations or government sources. If you can find room in your heart to help us, with any amount, we are truly grateful ( We are a 501c3 organization, so all donations are tax-deductible. It is only through the kindness of supporters like you that we are changing tail at a time by providing our dogs with A New Chance. ( 

Thanks so much.
A New Chance Animal Rescue (914) 205-7066


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