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In shelter Dog

Glocester, RI, 02814
Pet name:
Australian Kelpie
Gray / Blue / Silver
Hanna is 7 months old. Her sister Janna came up a month ago and has already found her forever home. Now its Hannas turn

Please fill an application on  
If you are pre approved , we will call to set up an appointment to come and meet the dog and potentially take them home.  We will *RESERVE * the pup or dog for you to come and meet first.

*Filling an application does not guarantee you as the adopter. All applicants references will be called. PLEASE call your veterinarian and personal references and allow consent to speaking with us ! 
We cannot process your application otherwise. Failure will put your application in Limbo"  
We process applications as they arrive. The first approved applicant will be called and the pup taken off of Petfinder. We do not have the man/ woman power to all all other applicants to advise them. 
IF there s another dog that you are interested in as well, please list at the top of the application and we will enter your application for that pup if the first choice has been adopted. 

THANK YOU !!! You are giving a first rate dog a second chance....By adopting! 

***** SADLY , we need to put this in print: THIS IS A RESCUE DOG. We do NOT know their birthday / age.  (unless other wise noted)  More often than not, OUR TEAM  has saved them from euthanasia in Southern shelters. 
We do not know any more than our Veterinarians offer to us. 
 We often have them in kennels, and utilize crate training.  House training status is often NOT KNOWN. 
Prior Health, estimated weight  (as an adult), breed (Including the parents breed , size or mix)   and some health concerns are  NOT KNOWN unless our veterinarians discover it and offer the information to us.   Again, these aPetfinderre strays and turn ins from all over the country. They do NOT come with labels; nor guarantees. 

Characteristics and disposition can and will evolve with time.
YOU the adopter are responsible to train and keep up to date on vaccines and preventatives.  
YOU the adopter are responsible for taking care of this new member of your family. 

Our adoption fees are $ 600. This fee includes the transportation of the pet from one of the organizations that we work with in TX, LA or TN. Before joining us in RI all dogs are: spayed/neutered, microchipped, up to date on age-appropriate vaccines, and on de-wormers, flea/tick and heartworm prevention. In addition, all adults (6 months +) are heartworm tested and MUST be negative for both heartworm and microfilaria before transport

In addition to the above, all dogs must have a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI/IHC)  and be deemed healthy per USDA law in order to travel. Once they have been certified they are then transported via USDA transport services only, which is required by law. 
 We  sometimes dont understand how bad the situation is for these pups and dogs in southern states.  Many people in the south dont spay or neuter their pets as we do here. Subsequently, there are thousands of beautiful , worthy pups and dogs, kittens and cats  that are dumped, shot, abandoned, brought into shelters, neglected, abused and abandoned.  We step in , tend to their veterinary needs. As you can see above, we never fail to properly spay and neuter. Everything is done with the  caring , capable hands of our veterinarians to get them healthy and ready to place them for adoption. Thats when we put the demand for family- friendly pets with the supply ..... 

So THANK YOU For Adopting:    Giving  a first rate dog a second chance!!!! 

Keep in mind that we also offer a two week return policy for the return of a healthy dog that includes a full refund. We want to make sure that the adoption is a perfect fit for both you and the dog.

If you would like more information about adopting please select "More About Little Rhody Rescue" where you will also find our online application if youd like to proceed with the adoption process. Thank you!


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