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In shelter Dog

Irvine, CA, 92606
Pet name:
Pamela is a rescued dog from Taiwan. Please note that she is a part of our international rescue adoption program.

Name: Pamela
Breed: Formosan Mountain dog mix - our best guess
Gender: Spayed female
Age: About 1 year old (est. DOB 5/1/2021)
Weight: 35 lbs (as of 5/2022)
Color: Black

Pamelas Rescue Story:
Pamela was found dashing in the busy traffic; seems like she’s looking for her master anxiously. It took the rescuers quite some It took the rescuers quite some efforts to calm her down with food and then lead her away from the street. A following checkup at the hospital revealed that Pamela was wearing a chip and she was one of the TNVR dogs. Instead of sending her back to the street, temporary arrangement was made with a foster family for her.

Pamela is loving by nature, she’s very cuddly and loves to give kisses when around familiar faces. However, she may shy away from male strangers. This kind of behavior probably caused by her abusive past. But it won’t take long for her to warm up with them. Sometimes she leaks when gets too excited or nervous. This problem should correct itself over time when she gets older according to the vet. Pamela is potty trained to go outside, also crate trained to sleep overnight. She gets along well with other dogs, and stays calm around cats.

Pamela has black shinny coat, with patches of beautiful white hair on her chest and paws. Unfortunately, such striking look was deemed ominous by local people. Therefore her only chance for adoption is by overseas families.

Videos of Pamela -

About Pamela

Follows the commands well

Has no food aggression with human and dogs.

Good with cats.

Interact well with dogs.

Interact well with kids.

Good with strangers.

Walk leash training well

Pamela is waiting for her forever home. If you are interested in adopting her and giving her a permanent home, please visit our website: to fill out our application and return to us at A virtual home check and interview will be required to ensure each dog goes to a suitable home.

Adopting one of our rescued dogs is the best way to help our organization. Placing them into wonderful homes will give us rooms and ability to help the next one in need. Thank you for considering provide our dogs a chance of happy life.


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