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In shelter Dog

Milwaukee, WI, 53213
Pet name:
Basset Hound
Red / Chestnut / Orange
Coat length:
Hello, I am Anya!  My brother Louie and I are looking for a new home together.  Our mom loves us but a change in living has her looking for a new family that can give us the life we deserve.  Below you can read more about me, then be sure to check out Louies page as well because we are a set.

Daily Routine:
     At wake up time (6:30 am) I go outside immediately, Then breakfast with my brother at around 7:00. At 8:00 when everyone leaves for work, I go in my crate. At noon someone comes home to let us out for 30 minutes, then back in the crate until work is over at 4:15.  After that its outside to play, and if there isnt a lot of summer heat or icy cold, we walk around 4:30-5:00.  I spend most of the evening playing with my 2 year old kid. Dinner is at 7pm, then its snooze on the dog beds, chew on bully sticks, and wrestle with my brother. I go out for the last time at 10pm, then bed at 10:30. I have to sleep in my crate because my brother is sometimes naughty if loose all night, and he whines if hes locked up without me. 

What I love to do: 
     I love being pet, and being scratched, and belly rubs or ear rubs. I also enjoy sitting on your lap, sleeping, and being pet more. I like walks where I can sniff everything, and chewing bully sticks. Im not really interested in a ball or toy. I do wrestle with my brother for about 5-10 minutes every evening.

Personal goals:
     I dont know commands like sit, lay down, etc, but I do know "Outside, Go Potty, Wait, Off, No, Dinner, Walk".  I dont jump on people or anything, and I really dont need any corrections.  Like my brother, I can get excitable when getting on the harness/collar for a walk.  I am housebroken 100% and wouldnt dare go in the house. 

Favorite thing to do with my best friend: 
     I like to pretend to be tough when another dog walks past our yard so there can be some howling and carrying on. But when confronted face-to-face with a new dog, I am usually neutral or even submissive. With dogs that I know well I get along fine. Im not really that playful, more just neutral to other dogs and never aggressive. I will occasionally let Louie convince me its a "hunting event" and then I will chase.  I dont have big resource-guarding behaviors. If my brother sticks his nose in my food dish, I will warn him with a little growl. I have never met a house cat or any other kind of pet. though its doubtful Id be aggressive.

Kind of family I want: 
     I am extremely tolerant of my two year old human girl as she crawls on, hugs and kisses me.  But if I had my pick, I would probably choose a quieter house. I  love, love, love petting and attention. I just want to be a lap dog. I can be trusted with kids but I love quiet petting and an extremely chaotic, noisy, or fast-paced household/lifestyle would not be a great match for me.

Biggest fears:
     Strangers scare me- especially big, loud men and deep voices. I am fine with men I know, but if meeting someone I am not acquainted with, I will prefer to hide.  I see my crate as a safe haven to go to. 

Ideal weekend plans:
     Id like to sit on someones lap getting belly rubs all morning.  Then have a long nap, followed by a loooooong walk to sniff the whole neighborhood all afternoon. Next, another nap, then continue sitting on someones lap and being pet all night long. Finally, a bully stick to chew on before bed.

     If I sound like a good fit for your home, please check out my brother Louie as well, since we are a boxed set!  Then head over to to the ADOPTION heading where you can find the online application and more information about the adoption process.

     Basset Buddies Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c )(3) not-for-profit organization and all donations are used expressly for the welfare of the dogs and most are tax deductible (please contact your tax adviser for more information). Wisconsin law requires rescues to have a license. BBR’s license number is 270086-ds.


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