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DEANA aka Diana   

In shelter Dog

Manhattan, NY, 10009
Pet name:
DEANA aka Diana
1 year - Beagle - 18lbs - Spayed female 

If interested in adopting please read everything written below and submit an adoption application ( if the pup seems like a good fit for your family. 

Please Note: We can not guarantee breed mix or age. Both are an educated guess. 

Her Foster Mom Says: (Princess) Diana has been such a good girl! She is very loving, curious and attentive. She loves chewing on her bone chews and is always up for a walk. She is a good walker mostly, she will just get caught up under your feet a little. Meeting new dogs and people is fun - they give her lots of desired attention! She also loves to curl up on the couch when its time to wind down. She is a bit skiddish in the big city - loud noises and sudden movements frighten her. She has no problem, though, being in the burbs and is so much happier and relaxed when she spends time in the yard. She is pretty attached to me and has medium separation anxiety. She cries a bit when completely left alone, and follows me into the room when I leave her but she is now completely crate trained which has helped immensely as shes adjusted. 

Home Recommendation: A home outside of the city. Needs a home who is ready to do basic training. Deana has made a lot of progress during her time in her foster home. Will need a patient owner who is ready to continue with training. Needs a home who is ready to provide her with a good amount of exercise and stimulation and to finish off training him as shes just 1 year old. She would be a good match for a family that has dog-sitting experience or fostering experience and is ready for a dog of their own. They dont need to be dog pros but need to be patient and ready for everything that dog ownership entails. 

What is a Beagle?: A beagle is in fact a type of hound and super scent oriented. They have a great sense of smell and superior tracking instincts. Fun fact, beagles are the primary breed used as detection dogs for prohibited agriculture. The breeds most famous representative is the worlds very beloved cartoon character Snoopy! Beagles are very popular family dogs because they are known to be sweet and easy to train. (On a sad note, they are commonly used in testing labs because they are so trusting and docile, and there are many rescues specifically dedicated to saving beagles from the chemical testing world.) 

What does owning this dog entail?: Plenty of socialization, exercise, and mental stimulation is key for keeping this medium active pup happy. Generally you can expect to need to give this canine a minimum of 90 minutes of outdoor time every day. A perfect walking, hiking, and adventure buddy. We strongly recommend a basic training course to get a more solid feel for this pups individual needs and how to best communicate with each other. Beagles often have some prey drive though, so adults can be quick to go for small animals like squirrels and may not be great choices for homes with small animals. They can be very stop and go walking buddies sometimes because of that crazy nose of theirs, so strolls take a while sometimes. They are also quick to take off if they catch a scent, so you have to be extra careful with beagles off leash because they will disappear if you havent done enough recall training with them -- or even if you have sometimes, their instincts just take over. We strongly recommend not having them off leash in an unenclosed area.

Energy Level: Medium to Higher. Needs at least 60 minutes of activity a day. Should have about a 60 to 90 minute walk every day. 

Personality: Heading towards being a social butterfly. Loves greeting new people and dogs 

House Trained: Yes!

Separation Anxiety & Leash Manners: Getting the hang of leash walking pretty well. Had some seperation anxiety in the begining but has been making a lot of improvemnt on it.

Crate Trained: Not using a crate.

Cuddle Factor: Medium - loves affection but also doesnt want attention 24/7

Mouthiness: Medium - pretty respectful with her mouth in regards to humans but will chew on things if they are left out: not tottaly uncommon for her age

Good With Other Dogs: Yes! 

Good with Cats: Has not been cat tested. But due to age and breed we can see her being fine with cats. Can cat test for approved adopters. 

Good with Kids: Fine for a home with kids 8 and up. 

Medical Status: Spayed and microchipped. Up to date on vaccines. Treated with de-wormer and heartworm prevention upon intake.

How Did They End Up With Social Tees: Left at a high volume shelter in TN. Our rescue partner pulled him, had him vetted and transported to NYC. While in Social Tees care they are kept in attentive and loving foster homes. Many dogs are rescued from TN due to the lack of Spay and Neuter and a much smaller population of humans seeking dogs. In NYC we have a large human population which in turn means they find forever homes :) 

PLEASE NOTE: This animal is not at the Social Tees office all of our dogs and cats are in foster homes while they wait to find their forever families. :) If youd like to apply to adopt this pet, please complete an adoption application at Because we are a small team and receive hundreds of applications each week, we are unable to respond to every application and every inquiry email, but we do our best. Please have patience! If your application is approved, you will for sure hear from us. If you have questions, please take a look at the Adoption and Fostering FAQs etc. on our website as all common questions are answered there. Thank you for your understanding and flexibility as we work to save these innocent lives!! 

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