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Ginger - Located in Wyoming   

In shelter Dog

Imlay City, MI, 48444
Pet name:
Ginger - Located in Wyoming
Belgian Shepherd / Tervuren
Apricot / Beige
Ginger could be the dog for you if you want to make a difference in a dogs life - Not a small difference, but a difference so great that the bond between you and the dog, once you overcome her past, will be like non-other! 

Ginger is a young girl, under 2 years old and appears to be a working line Belgian Tervuren. Learn about the difference between show and working line at

She is absolutely beautiful! At 8 months old she was found as a stray and went to a shelter where she spent 5 months before MAD was called to help place her. Now with a wonderful foster in southern Wyoming, she is learning manners, basic obedience, and enjoying life with walks and playtime. 

She loves being loved and spending time with people. She is excited to learn new things and see the world! Ginger is crate-trained and has been learning to wait at doors, sit, and down until released. She waits to be released for her food too. She has also been worked on leash skills and how to play with a few rules. Training is fun for Ginger and she loves water!! Shed love to live on some land with a pond. Ginger seems to prefer men. It seems anyway.

Gingers dark side: When uncomfortable or overwhelmed she can try to bite out of anxiety and fear. If corrected on the leash, she will turn around and try to bite the leash etc. Ginger will need her new person to follow a strict development plan of 3-6 months of absolute positive, joyful fun doing things she loves. She needs a bond developed where she trusts you and sees you as a kind leader where things happen that she loves. She then will need you to slowly start pushing her outside that comfort zone, slowly so she feels secure and to up her confidence. We have people who have adopted dogs similar who can talk to you about the process and they will tell you that the bond you develop with the dog will be something you have never experienced. You will not regret it and will feel so fulfilled in having saved this dog literally from a worse fate. If you think you are the person who can save her and develop that bond with her, lets talk!

She should not be around children at this point as she desires affection one minute and then gets overwhelmed the next and can snap. She is unknown with other dogs, but possibly good with a very calm, non-reactive dog. Cats? Probably not a good idea.

Ginger needs an owner who can work through her insecurities and give her a chance. She is not a coffee-shop or brewery dog right now, but could be eventually as she does love people. She is unpredictable likely due to a lack of confidence and fear. 

If you are interested in adopting Ginger, please complete an application at this link . 

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The information that we have available is in our posting. If you would like to discuss this animal additionally please fill out this application. Applications that are completed in our process and being considered as a match will speak to the foster home to gain more information about our adoptable dog. 

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You may also call our toll-free number at 844-MAD-RESQ or 844-623-7377. 

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