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In shelter Dog

Winder, GA, 30680
Pet name:
Border Collie
Sabrina is an amazing dog who just needs someone willing to work with her. She is amazing with children (just needs work on being too excited around small children but has gotten much better with our fosters 2 year old)

She is most definitely mixed with a working breed - she needs consistent exercise to be a calm house dog and will become destructive if her mind isnt stimulated. She absolutely loves sniff walks and fetch to wear her out and work her brain.

She will need a more involved owner who understands her needs. She has a lot of allergies and our vet believes her skin issues may just be a chronic life long struggle. She is taking 1/2 an apoquel a day and her foster supplements with calming treats and allergy/immune boost treats daily. We have not done an elimination diet to determine exact allergies, but she is currently eating Rachel Ray Limited Ingredient (Just 6 depending on bag design/store) Lamb flavor and has been doing better!

She still has bald spots and flare ups if the weather is bad or she gets stressed out. Were working on determining when it happens to try and eliminate the flare ups so her hair can grow back fully. Currently all 4 shoulders have some degree of baldness and occasional bumps from her chewing, but Ive been keeping sweaters on her and the calming treats to try and get her to leave the area alone long enough for the hair to grow back.

Shes got some unique quirks that make her even more special! She is described as being cat like - she absolutely loves to be up high looking over everything. When outside, she can be found hopping onto the patio table to look in windows or take a nap. Shes also been caught napping on top of book shelves or any surface big enough to hold her body and shell curl up like shes meant to be there!

She has no fear when it comes to humans, but can be skittish in the house when it comes to switching rooms or entering/exiting like shes unsure what will come from the other room. She does alright with other dogs in neutral territory, but does resource guard her food, kennel, and occasionally the fosters sun room if she can see the other dogs filtering in and out while shes hanging out in there. However, she responds incredibly well to correction and is eager to please! With or without treats, she loves to practice new skills and is working incredibly hard to be calm in the house! She still has trouble channeling her energy some days if she hasnt had enough stimulation, but you can see how hard she tries to maintain composure during training sessions!

Shes a work in progress, but her personality and temperament are perfect for someone looking for a loyal dog thats willing to do anything from cuddle on the couch to adventure with them! do not have a shelter facility and our pets are housed in foster homes, vet clinics and local boarding facilities.

Many of our adoptable pets attend adoption events each Saturday at Mall of Georgia Petsmart in Buford, Georgia from 11:30-3:00 pm

Please check with us to find out if a particular pet will be available. Dogs going to adoption event are typically posted on our Facebook page the day prior.

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