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In shelter Dog

Palmyra, VA, 22963
Pet name:
BOXER/BULLY MIX; Sleek white jacket, black oval patch over right eye.  About 50lbs.
ADULT FEMALE; Est DOB: October 2017.
ARRIVAL: January 18, 2020
HISTORY: Riley arrived as a stray at a high kill shelter. When space became an issue, we spoke up for her.
EXTRA NOTE:  Riley has already developed a fan base here.  
No cats or dogs for Riley.

Living the life of Riley?? Well, for  Riley her idea of “living the life of Riley, AKA a charmed life” would mean giving and receiving love and attention. \xa0As terrific as she is in getting along with humans, one would think her new home is just a tail wag away! \xa0 A very well balanced girl, Riley nicely sits when asked and if she is feeling a little more froggy, will run and chase after balls.\xa0Since coming to CFC, Riley has made it apparent that an environment surrounded by numerous dogs and without ample one-on-one human interaction like we have here, is simply not for her. When she first arrived here, she would play with other dogs and even happily go for walks with them, but as the months have rolled by, Riley has gotten more and more reactive to other dogs.  However, with people, Riley is such a loving sweetheart. \xa0She can be a little strong on the leash like a girl on a mission but will nicely stop when asked for her attention. She can be redirected by giving the command for a sit. Once in the arena, she is curious and will amble around, but didn’t show too much of an interest in toys. \xa0If you sit down, she may come and check in, and climb up on the bench so she could better access your lap. \xa0Butt scratches and body rubs she loves, and she in turn will start rubbing her body all over yours, giving a full-body snuggle, which is super adorable. \xa0She takes treats oh-so-gently. \xa0She is a calm, gentle-natured girl – up for walks and adventure, but also content to just be snuggled-up next to her human.

A Word from Riley
“Hi there! I would love a treat! Here, I will sit for you! I know, I look a wee bit like Petie, the dog from Little Rascals! Will you please take me for a walk? They tell me I am all muscle and can pull a bit…sorry about that!  Guess I just don’t know my own strength!  Better yet, can we go for a ride in your car? I love that! We COULD go one step further, and you could take me home!”

What Riley Needs in Her Home
Initially, Riley needs to be in a home where she is the only pet, with a human who will slowly try to reintroduce her to building relationships with other dogs. She loves older kids 12 and up who can handle her affection. Cats are just a temptation to be chased, and are not recommended.  Riley will need a fenced in yard to run in, and a strong human who can walk her while she learns not to pull on the leash. Riley hopes to find a family who will allow her to live the charmed life she so deserves and yearns for. Think you can give this sweet girl a new home and the life of Riley that she so deserves?


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